GTA 4 - Computer And Video Games Feature Part 1

The hugely anticipated trailer crashed the internet as fans the world over clamoured to see the next-gen GTA. It may have been a teaser but it was laced with clues that show what an incredible cocktail of gangstas, violence and saucy innuendo Rockstar have in store for us...

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Pheneus4182d ago

GTA IV is going to be way darker, more challenging and far less kitchy then its brethren.

mcintosh2334182d ago

its gonna be the game of the year

gta_cb4182d ago

i really cant wait for this game to come out, its deff going to be either a pre-order or going down the morning it is available for launch and waiting til i get one lol

Premonition4181d ago

I cant wait to hear about multiplayer, my best guess is its CO-OP since they said multiplayer will tie in well win the single player.