Xbox 360 'Red Ring of Death' Abating?

Microsoft's hardware problems are well know. The company had to extend its warranty to three years on Xbox 360, and lost a billion dollars in the process. To this day, people still complain about the console's reliability and the so called "Red Ring of Death." A recent survey by magazine GameInformer found that 55 percent of respondents suffered through a 360 failure but Xbox Live and Xbox 360 director of product management Aaron Greenberg believes the hardware problems are now in the rear-view mirror at this point, since the company has continually made improvements on internal components.

Today, IndustryGamers received new survey data from SquareTrade, which claims to be the largest independent warranty provider in the world. The study compared the malfunction rates for all three consoles and found the Wii to be nine times more reliable than Xbox 360 and four times more reliable than PS3. That said, there has been significant improvement with Xbox 360 and the RROD problem. SquareTrade's data shows that the introduction of the "Jasper" chipset in late 2008 "has likely solved" the RROD problem.

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IcyJoker1874652d ago (Edited 4652d ago )

OK so they are saying the failure rate is around 10% -_- Really?

Whats funny is most of the XDF will eat this up.

kapedkrusader4652d ago'll only be cause more people are playing their PS3s.

Strikepackage Bravo4652d ago (Edited 4652d ago )

here is what they said

" During the first two years of ownership, 2.7 percent of Wii owners reported a system failure to SquareTrade, compared with 10 percent of PlayStation 3 owners and 23.7 percent of Xbox 360 owners.
Excluding RROD failures, which are covered by Microsoft’s three-year warranty, 11.7 percent of Xbox 360 owners reported a failure. "

Like I and a few others have said, the Jaspers are RROD free, the RRODs that are occurring now are older consoles.

@below You are incorrect, the company Square Trade responded to a survey using actual data of their own, Square Trade is a warranty provider, they don't have to survey anyone, they have the actual claims information for these consoles, thus any information they supply in response to a survey is the most accurate. OK well nevermind you edited your post.

randomwiz4652d ago (Edited 4652d ago )

You can tell Microsoft is trying to get rid of RROD. There's no reason they would release the jasper if they didn't care about rrod.

Jasper and Falcon use the same size chipsets
@below, you seriously believe that gameinformer survey was a better representation of the rrod problem than someone who actually fixes rrod's?

these people took the number of rrod's that they fixed, and the number of consoles that were covered by them, and divided those two to get a %

Mu5afir4652d ago

RROD reports would go straight to Microsoft, NOT SquareTrade.. so their stats would not reflect the survey by GameInformer. It's a nice attempt at trying to refute the problem.. but anyone with half a brain can read between the lines and figure out that this data isn't accurate.

"Excluding RROD failures, which are covered by Microsoft’s three-year warranty,"

deadreckoning6664652d ago (Edited 4652d ago )

Apparently, failure rates don't matter since people r still buyin em. If I were in others shoes, Id get a Slim.

@Strikepackage- Exactly. PS3 fanboys are more vocal and distressed over 360 failure rates than any other group on the planet and most of them don't even own 360s! Wheres this hate coming from???

Strikepackage Bravo4652d ago

why are you guys so determined to hate?

Mu5, it says the rate is 23.7% including RROD and 11.7% if you don't include RROD. MS underwrites the cost of the RROD units. Keep in mind these numbers are just for the consoles covered by Square Trade, no one is saying the 360 failure rate is only 10% wtf is wrong with you people.

morganfell4652d ago

Is someone in here acting like the press writing a PS3 article?

And you are bending the truth Strikepackage. That 23.7 percent is only for the first two years of ownership.

Silellak4652d ago (Edited 4652d ago )

While this is far more reliable than the terrible, oft-quoted Game Informer survey, it really doesn't prove anything either way.

We'll likely never know the full extent of the RRoD problem. I doubt even Microsoft themselves know - they best they can do is estimate. It should be suffecient to say that such a serious hardware issue was and will always be unacceptable, and the XBox brand will be deservedly tarnished for awhile yet to come.

IDetonation4652d ago

This coming from a person that believes 54.2% is accurate. xDDDDDD

Christopher4652d ago

The RRoD issues have been abating for the last two years. The issue is that each individual issue is being compared against all 360s when actually it's the same system having multiple issues.

I would say that RRoD is down to about 20%. Not sure I'd go as low as 10%, especially since most Elite boxes don't carry the Jasper chips yet.

darthv724652d ago

If the numbers were down it wont matter to those who want to continually use the higher number as ammo. Honestly if you think polls and stats cant be messed with you are sadly mistaken. All it takes is someone with a purpose to falsify information. It happens.

I am reminded of the major releases recently that got all messed up user reviews on metacritic because they just wanted to lower the score. Yes that may be a bad example but it is an example of how easy it would be to skew information for or against something.

I expect the defect rate to decrease time over time. People looking for reason to hate find whatever they can. Thus the circle of life continues.

Anon19744652d ago

And why would anyone pay for their warranties when the 360 has a 3 year warranty you don't have to pay for?

And what was with the huge spikes in RROD in 2008? What was that about?

pixelsword4652d ago (Edited 4652d ago )

That's probably people RR'ing their consoles to get the Jasper chips before their warranty ran out. ('05-'08)


dawgsfan1174652d ago

Ill be the first to admit that I have had a 360 RROD on me. But it was a release model that I bought at midnight and it lasted 2 years. I have had my elite for quite a while now and it works great and runs much quieter than my old one. It seems that the RROD hype from PS3 fanboys is like a defense mechanism they put up whenever something negative is said about the PS3 (which I also own and love by the way so chill out fanboys).

really duh4652d ago (Edited 4652d ago )

Are we going to see a RROD articles every time 360 sales articles gets posted?

LOL "gameinformer" vs "Square Data" of course PS3 fans go with *GI* ;) A company that specializes in this matter *vs* A company known to lean towards Sony, with fanboys all over the place.

don_ninja4652d ago

it would be better if it was "SOLVED".

prunchess4652d ago

How many additional consoles has MS sold due to this fault. How much money have they made out of repairing the other design faults that appeared after the 360 release?

As for the RROD abating....

No one will ever believe that the RROD is abating because MS never owned up to the fault, denied it existed until it looked like they might have to do a recall. They've also never given out the figures for hardware failure rates and what these are broken down as.

notpill4652d ago

that site forgot to mention:
"In a survey of SquareTrade customers with Xbox 360s conducted by
email, SquareTrade found that over half of our customers who experienced a RROD error reported their
problem directly to Microsoft without contacting SquareTrade"

So wtf?

and again

"First, it’s worthwhile considering that Xbox 360’s failure rate drops to 11.7% when you exclude RROD,
which then puts it on par with the PS3. If the RROD issue were resolved, we would anticipate future
Xbox 360’s to be only slightly less reliable than the PS3."


sunil4652d ago

All electronic devices are prone to failure. Less than 2% is what the graph shows and that is well within the acceptable failure rate in the electronic industry

caladbolg7774652d ago (Edited 4652d ago )

I reckon Jasper didn't "fix" the RRoD problem. They just removed the three red lights from all Jasper models. Jasper models are still going kaput almost as often as the original 360 models. The original kits were designed to flash three red lights in the case of general hardware failure. You can't get the red ring of death anymore when the kits aren't hardwired to report the three red lights.

They "fixed" problems with the 360 by removing its ability to indicate that there is a problem. Jaspers don't RRoD because they CAN'T.

RRoD in Jasper models = E74 (which doesn't register three red lights)

pain777pas4652d ago

Level with me there is not one person that I know that is not on their at least second 360 seriously. The only way that it has not Red Ringed is because they are scared to use cause they heard the engine sounding alittle strange got scared and is trying to avoid playing it too much which is what has happened to many of us and all I can say is glad to see the PS3 is back on its feet and ready to roll.

Kleptic4652d ago (Edited 4652d ago )

haha notpill...exactly...

they basically say...'the 360 is less reliable than the PS3, even IF you exclude the RROD fiasco'...and then trumpet it like some sort of good thing for the 360?

I don't know about the jasper, and if it fixed the whole thing...and I simply don't care anymore...paying for XBL coupled with the RROD thing are the ONLY reasons I don't own a 360...watched my poor little cousin pop two of them, one near launch...the other right after he received its replacement...the 3rd one ended up on Ebay...there is ZERO evidence of the new systems not popping...what about the youtube videos of gamescon 2 weeks ago with RROD'd 360's in kiosks?...just like every convention? think MS would put the 'best' 360 sku in those, wouldn't they? still read of new owners having an RROD or E74 problem, and claim to have just purchased their 360...People used to say the Elite didn't break as well...wrong...they were just as bad as every other what...ever...the 360 problems will make a better 720, be assured of that...but i'll wait and see how the 720 turns out, rather than participate in an ongoing public hardware beta...thanks...

JokesOnYou4652d ago

JokesOnYou - 8 days 21 hours ago
-I say just keep the rrod stories coming, they aren't pointing out any new cases of a large amounts of current jasper 360's experiencing hardware failures and thus they only end up pointing out that despite past failures that the 360 is indeed STILL very popular among gamers...and based on the recent Nielsen study of 360 getting the most play time thats very much a testament to what 360 offers.

JokesOnYou - 9 days 9 hours ago

Ignore27 - Of course the failure rate was too high...
Still, I have no doubt whatsoever any poll that doesn't require a verified Gamertag that has anything to do with 360 WILL BE TAINTED BY SONYFANBOYS.= Those who never owned one have the worst "OMG RROD Horror stories", lol. Anybody who seriously really doubts this hasn't ever seen n4g, just look at the sonyfanboys in this thread alone, by far the worst of the fanboys.

I read most of the comments, I have know idea like most what the past or current failure rate is, but its obviously significantly less than the launch models. Its funny when sonyfanboys try their hardest to overlook the fact that forum reports and website reports of gamers with actual Gamertags that have had rrod over the last 18 months have very few complaints, unlike when 360 launched.

So yeah the first 360's were indeed a disaster when it comes to reliability but they've been improved alot which is why no sonyfanboy offered links to a current forums or websites that contain 100's of users with Gamertags complaining like we saw in the first 6-12 months after launch on IGN, Gamespot, and almost every other website and 360 forum, because they can't all they will talk about is how everyone they know 360 has failed and assume that ANY 1 report of a 360 owner who's console failed means that everybody 360 has failed. I see some want to label those who still prefer 360 as "delusional", yeah OK so says the guy who's had 3 ps2's with bad lasers, YES sonyfanboys will do there best to make any poll about rrod worse than it actually is....if you don't believe that YOU are truly delusional

JokesOnYou - 10 days 23 hours ago
If you read the same forums 6-12 months after 360 launched, 360 owners were pissed and they spoke out, why would so many suddenly stop if there are so many owners still experiencing rrod?...That along with sites reporting significantly fewer complaints, along with my own experience from friends is WHY Iam convinced that the changes micro made to the motherboard while not perfect has reduced the defect % significantly. Any random poll that doesn't require at least submitting a gamertag(verified 360 owner) is tainted by fanboys and other than this the rrod stories from 2007 use to contain 100's of folks who emailed IGN, Gamespot, Gamepro etc about problems, now its just stories of 1 guy who's 360 broke 15x's, why is that?

-gdammitt, I'm right, AGAIN....don't worry, I'm use to it, lmfao


IdleLeeSiuLung4651d ago

You will take a number from a survey done by a gaming magazine over a company that provides warranty as a business! The latter has money invested where it's best interest is to have as few issues as possible, while the latter, a magazine that would thrive on sensationalizing gaming related news.

If so, I think you can kiss your credibility good bye to everyone except your cohort fanbois!

All-34651d ago

That there was a 10.6% failure rate for the PS3 because of the YLoD - so does that mean that 10.6% of all PS3s sold up till then fail?

The GI survey also showed that only 3.8 percent of Xbox 360 owners said they'd never buy another Xbox because of hardware failures.

INehalemEXI4651d ago (Edited 4651d ago )

So they are saying the failure rate of the console for the first 2 years is at 23.7%, They also say the # could be higher due to not everyone going through them which I would imagine is a considerable #, I didn't go through them.

I would hope the consoles would last longer then 2 years, whats the failure rate if were talking 0 to 3 years the percantage probably would be 33% and overall it still could be around 50%

every single 360 I had failed that is a 100% had 3. There never has been a console in my experience that failed on me 100% of the time and were talking the longest they lasted was a year and a half. Trying to paint the failure rate in a positive light is just ridiculous, there needs to be accountability. For one they should cover all failures under the extended RRoD warranty. This shows that 50% of the fails are due to something other then RRoD so ...if a console goes RRoD instead of , something else your lucky....WTF is this sh!t.

You can play with statistics to make things look pretty but nothings going to change your still going to be shoveling faulty product onto customers.

Oner4651d ago

From the so-called "report" by SquareTrade that certain types seem to omit....

"First, it’s worthwhile considering that Xbox 360’s failure rate drops to 11.7% ****when you exclude RROD****, which then puts it on par with the PS3.[/quote]

And just a bit below that we have

"Second, ****Microsoft’s policy may result in an underreporting of failures**** by Xbox 360 owners to SquareTrade, relative to the other two consoles.

****Because the RROD problem is so widely known to be covered by Microsoft’s warranty, we believe that more customers bypass SquareTrade and reported failures directly to the Microsoft****

In a survey of SquareTrade customers with Xbox 360s conducted by email, SquareTrade found that over half of our customers who experienced a RROD error reported their problem directly to Microsoft without contacting SquareTrade. Email survey respondents tend to be a self-selecting group, so the data should be used directionally rather than definitively, particularly because we did not survey PS3 and Wii owners with the same question.

****With that caveat in mind, applying the survey data to the analysis shows that the Xbox 360 failure rate could be as high as 35%****.

While Microsoft initially claimed in February 2007i that the “return” rate on Xbox 360s did not exceed 3-5%, they later published an open apology on July 5th, 2007 and announced a $1.15 billion fund to be set aside for Xbox 360 repair and replacement.ii The money would fund repairs for up to 2.5 million consoles, and thus they implicitly anticipated a far higher rate of failure than their stated 3-5%."

So spin it however you like but those words came from the same report everyone is "claiming" to use to show the 360 has a low fail rate....Yeah OOOOHHHKKKAAAAAAYYYY

edgeofblade4651d ago

What's really sad is that the non-RROD failure rate is so high.

IdleLeeSiuLung4651d ago (Edited 4651d ago )

It is quite an eye opener. The newer Falcon and Jasper consoles are far less likely to receive the RROD and SquareTrade expect it to be well under 4%. In fact SquareTrade says:

"Furthermore, when looking at over 500 units purchased in 2009, fewer than 1% of customers have reported a RROD error as of Aug 2009."

Basing it on the numbers of hours of usage relative to defects, the Wii is still the lowest. However, this is not corrected for the fact that the more you use the same console the more likely it is to break. In this regard, the PS3 has an impressive low defect rate.

On the other end, a lot of MS data is skewed due to the earlier units having a high failure rate. Furthermore, it has almost 5% disc read error problems. Mind you these are basically off the shelf standard DVD-ROM drives for PCs.

Bottom line, when I bought my Xbox 360 I made sure to purchase a 3-year extended warranty at Target that cost $30. Why? I was afraid of RROD, but figure it was mostly fixed with the newer units. In my experience, what almost always fails is the disc drive. This is further substantiated by this report. I suspect that MS console has the highest rate of disc failures due to the higher speed of disc rotation than other consoles including the PS3. It also seems to abruptly change speeds too (I notice cause it is so freakin loud)....

Neither of the consoles in my house has had any problems:

2x 360 Pro (Falcon)
1x PS3 65nm
1x PS3 90nm (60GB BC model)
1x Wii

Both the 360 and the PS3 get's heavy use, while the Wii get's a lot of dust!

F N A Pepper4651d ago

actually i still have the one i bought the first month they were out its at my brothers house doing fine running fine and he has three kids who play it night and day so no i've never experienced the RROD, But i did just install firmware 3.0 on my ps3 and now none of my games will play, go playstation whoo hoo!!!

usern4g4650d ago


"more lies"

From *WHO* exactly? This is another piece of data from a 3rd Party Warranty firm.

The **MOST** interesting thing from this?

Jasper from Late 08 has a **4%** failure rate.

That's less than the PS3s 10% failure rate.

Square Trade is the *ONLY* piece of reliable data regarding failures. That nonsense poll was just ridiculous.

Bottom line here? The general hardware failure has been fixed.

RROD is history.

TotalPS3Fanboy4650d ago

RRoD is still a very very big problem, and it's not going away any time soon. 360s are still failing everyday.

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mrv3214652d ago

What about E74?

Also, just because it's going down doesn't mean it's any better after all Microsoft released a faulty product which everyone just accepts.

militant074652d ago

E74 is same as RROD, not new error or anything!

both of them caused by heat

Kleptic4652d ago

uh?^^ really?...I thought for a while E74 issues where not covered by the 'general system failure', represented by 3 red rings...MS initially tried to claim they weren't, but then enough people experienced the E74 also that they extended the warranty to include that as well...E74 is caused by heat, but to my understanding it was not the same as a 'general system failure'...

morganfell4651d ago

Correct. Initially MS would not cover E74. It is funny they agreed to do so only after the number of rising questions over whether an update provided by MS changed the way a 360 reports errors. It was proposed that this was an attempt by MS to find away out from under the 3 year warranty issue.

oohWii4651d ago

You clowns should be happy for the RROD had it not been for the RROD the PS3 would have been dead and buried a year ago.

It's typical that any information given about the 360 that is negative is taken in by you freak without question. But the minute something positive comes up, it got to be a lie.

These are the 28 years old educated males on PSN. I rest my case.

edgeofblade4651d ago (Edited 4651d ago )

The idea that Microsoft was trying to weasel out of the warranty is... cynical at best. I've heard just about every Microsoft conspiracy theory out there, and most of them don't have even one leg to stand on.

I know you would love that though... any reason to hate Microsoft is a good reason to you freaks.

And I totally agree with oohWii. Have a bubble for truth.

usern4g4650d ago

What about E74?

The Jasper -- late 2008 till now -- has a 4% rate OFF ALL TYPES.

4% < 10% (current PS3 rate).

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The_Beast4652d ago

there ganna be so happy until their jasper chipped box rrods

Darrius Cole4652d ago

How about that on the day PS3 Slim officially releases someone just happens to have new study that says that the 360 is now more reliable than it used to be.

My favorite part is how the 11.7 percent of Xbox 360 owners report having failures IF YOU DON'T COUNT RROD. But RROD is what happens in the vast majority of 360 failures.

This story comes from a biased sample just like the GameInformer study, even though it is probably a better measure of the poplulation that it covers (people who bought their warranty and not someone else's warranty.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4651d ago (Edited 4651d ago )

They get this Story back on the Front page(on this site)again!!! ;-D

Nothing you say or do will stop the PS3:Slim!!! ;-P

Kill Crow4650d ago

when they believed that bogus story about 30 million PS3's sold !!!

HAHAHAH, now they believe 54% by some silly user poll .... Dumbassses desperate for any negative xbox news ....

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v1c1ous4652d ago

you can accept gameinformer's informal and error prone survey's results, but not squaredata, a company that HANDLES warranty issues?

wow....the cult like attitude of the SDF is amazing

commodore644652d ago


How is it that a reputable company which publishes proven data is discredited, while a completely flawed 'survey' is taken as holy gospel by the haters?

The report shows that the RROD warranty items are heading to 1%.
...certainly a far cry from the claims of 54%.

On the whole, we should trust the real data in this report, as it represents a fair statistical sample and is a clear and accurate indication of real-world data.

No doubt there will be countless hater stories in this thread of individuals who relate anecdotes of claimed 13 rrods every 3 months (cue darkride66 comment) disputing the real facts in preference to their own opinion and biased surveys.

Will they prove me right?

Anon19744652d ago (Edited 4652d ago )

I even said to you, I don't believe the 54% failure rate before and yet you still call me out. Obviously I think that the problems I've had with my 360 are in the minority, I've said that time and time again. The majority of 360 owners don't have any problems, I've never said anything different.

Don't put words in my mouth.

As for squaretrade, Microsoft themselves have questioned the accuracy of their data. Here's what Microsoft had to say about Squaretrade in the past.

"Microsoft does not comment on hardware failure rates, nor do we comment on speculation...We have not seen the report, and are unfamiliar with the agency that filed it. Based on the enthusiast community's feedback yesterday, the methodology of this report is suspect."

Microsoft doesn't even know who these guys are. How much of a "reputable company" can these guys be? Do a little digging. The company has actually been investigated in the past and linked to internet scams.

commodore644652d ago (Edited 4652d ago )

Don't be lying now, darkride66!

Any one who doubts Darkride's agenda can see in his posting history that he has made the same comments over and over relating his exceedingly high personal experience of RROD over the years in no uncertain terms.

Not once, not twice, but about ten times... the same story!
Clearly, he has an axe to grind, and wants other people to listen.
again. and again. and again.

Come on now, darkie. Quit telling porkies!
If the shoe fits, then wear it!

Oh, and nice of you to quote MS out of context for this article
You do that very well.

By the way, thanks for proving me right.
Didn't take long, huh?

rhood0224652d ago

If he's taking the quote out of context, shouldn't you put the quote in context?

It's easy to say that the quote doesn't fit but you add no credibility either by telling rather than showing.

Cenobia4652d ago

I thought MS handled the RROD issue. Isn't that why this data makes no sense? I don't know why anyone takes any of this data seriously. The fact is that a lot of 360s have died due to RROD or other hardware failures. No data is going to change that fact.

They have obviously gotten better hardware in the new 360s, but that doesn't excuse the past.

Why do you feel the need to begin an argument with someone who has personally had bad experiences with the 360? You start an argument because you don't like the fact that he has had multiple RROD incidents? If you don't want to read his comments then just block him. There is no need to start sh!t just because you hate it when people talk about 360s crapping out on them, and to call someone out personally says a hell of a lot more about you than them. Grow up.

Anon19744652d ago (Edited 4652d ago )

If you're interested in my views on RROD, just look at my posting history. I've always been up front about the issues I've personally experienced, and I've always stated that I'm in the minority of Xbox 360 owners, that most Xbox owners won't have an issue. I've even arranged to buy a 360 for a friend and he loves it, although he did have it RROD on him and ended up selling it on Ebay for parts, keeping the harddrive and buying an Arcade.

Commodore can say whatever he wants, but anyone who's interesting in where I stand is free to look at my posting history to see that.

And, just for fun, look at some of Commodore's posting history. They're full of such nuggets as "Every single PS3 multiplat is gimped," making up lies about PS3 causing Sony's losses that he can't substantiate, especially considering Kaz himself has confirmed that the PS3 is a profitable platform, and again and again bringing up Ghostbusters, a game he's never played, and pretending it's some unplayable disaster. And then there's his dogging my every comment and calling me out even when I haven't made a comment. Yesterday he was posting on an article about the PS3 and the media written by an Australian gadget site, claiming that it was my blog and condemning it, showing that he A) Never read the article and B) doesn't have a clue even what he's arguing.

Edit: As for the quote being out of context.. I said that quote about Squaretrade was in the past. I was the one who told you it was an old quote. This isn't the first time Squaretrade has put out one of their reports, and that Microsoft quote was from the last time they put out one of these RROD stories.

caladbolg7774652d ago


Commodore you got frikken ROCKED!


Bucky Sligo4651d ago


darkride66 you got frikken ROCKED!


caladbolg7774651d ago

Ehhh... not so much Sligo.

edgeofblade4651d ago

There's a cult like attitude... disagrees on the OP.

usern4g4650d ago

"No data is going to change that fact."

The *FACTS* are in the *DATA*.

And, since Jasper -- late 2008 - the rate has been **4%**.

Square Trade is the _ONLY_ source for data on hardware failures that has _any_ credibility (other than the unpublished data at Sony/Nint & MS).

As we *all* know, the heat failure was fixed a long time ago.

And, MS handled the situation with class -- for those who had failures, they got fixes. And, they fixed the problem in Late 2008.

This entire topic is just **OLD NEWS** and only gets attention because of the hate agenda by a few loudmouths.

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powerfulally4652d ago (Edited 4652d ago )

My 360 gave my Halo 3 game a real Halo of burn in on the disc due to my malfunctiong disc drive on my 360. I called Microsoft, and all they could tell me was I can *BUY* a replacement disc of Halo 3 for 20, and pay for a repair to my 360. I told the guy that my 360 had problems and I felt that Microsoft should at least give me a replacment halo 3 for free and repair my 360. All they could say is sorry sir, you have to pay... Like WTF!!! Never buying a 360 after that. Shame because I loved my 360... :(

presto7174652d ago

Thats why I went with ps3. MS warranty on rrod is not enough. I think the most annoying issue is the disk scratching. My cousin and I called to complain once, and the asshole on the phone was like "the only way the disk got scratched is if you moved the console"

We were like WTF?!! I still dont know why people flock to the xbox 360. Its multiplats are no longer better than the ps3's. Most of its exclusives are on pc. And even though I have never used xbl, I feel psn is just fine.

Someone tell me why you love xbox so much. If you had not invested so much in Microsoft's hardware this gen, would you consider switching consoles?

Poopface the 2nd4652d ago

My PS2 worked great, but I do remember my ps1 had some problems sometimes. Many people like xbox because of its games and how it is really geared around playing online. People say that live features like netflix or party chat arnt important, but it doesnt hurt to have microsoft constantly trying to add more value to LIVE. I play with my real friends on LIVe and having ways to be in contact with them and ignore the others is great. This is important because most of the people on live have a headset, as most 360s come with a mic.

I really like my 360 because I use it to play with my real friends and it is really simple to get together even though they are casuals and dont play that many games online like me. Also, most of the multiplatform games still preform better on 360, and they also seem to receive more/faster support.

regarding your last question, hahahhahhhahahahaaa, what? Ive invested a whooping 260 dollars into my 360. And even if it broke id still have it repaired for free and keep using it after getting it back. It doesnt hurt that I also have a PS3 to keep me occupied if that ever does happen. For most gamers its not one or the other, its about getting any system they want regardless of what consoles they already have. I dont see why so many fanboys on this site expect people to choose only one console just because they themselvs have a blind loyalty to one console.

Its funny so many here see it only as 360 or ps3 and completely forget about the possibility of owning both.

dawgsfan1174652d ago

Just becuase you asked Ill tell you why I love my 360. 1. I do like the exclusives on it such as Halo, Gears, and Forza (while I know many of the exclusives are available on PC I dont have the $$$ for a gaming rig). 2. Xboxlive has a more vocal community which is largly do to the fact that it comes with a mic. While this isnt always a good thing (annoying little kids) it makes games like COD4 more fun when I can talk to teammates. 3.The controller is the most comfortable to me.

Keep in mind though that I also have a PS3 which I know on this website is like blasphemy. I like it for its exclusives, free online, and bluray.

Oh and if you dont like my reasons or whatever please keep in mind I really dont give a Fu<k haha.

ceedubya94652d ago

Saying you can always trust playstation is a bit of a stretch.

The PS3 (and maybe the PS2) is the only really reliable console they have put out.

Now if you're talking about games and not console reliability, then yes the playstation brand has been trustworthy of proving a console that helps deliver great gaming experiences!

GiantEnemyCrab4652d ago

Right, you can always trust Sony to stick you will a bill when your PS2 stop's reading disc's because of DRE. Ah, the short term memory of Sony owners.

This is from someone who had 2 PS2's with issues that Sony refused to fix even though the problem was common.

I hate the fact that the 360 has RROD but at the very least they've come out and said they will cover it up to 3 years. No, it doesn't excuse it but to act like Sony does no wrong is bull.

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