Nintendo on the latest 'technical divide'

Great work is being done to narrow the gap between the technical haves and the have-nots across the planet. At MIT, Professor Nicholas Negroponte seeks to equip every child in the developing world with a laptop. In Kenya, the government is supporting assembly of inexpensive PCs as part of university curricula, ultimately designating those computers for distribution throughout the African continent.

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PS360WII4491d ago

Different point of views than most on this site. Most are saying how Nintendo is killing the industry, but this points out (withouth saying it) 360 and PS3 are really making the gameing world into a smaller niche. Sure they have multi-features and intense graphics and whatever else you want to say about them. In the end they are making it imposible for new comers or even people from last gen in the dust. Not everyone can understand how some of those features work on the console. Not everyone can afford the console (yes even the 360). Not everyone wants/needs HD gaming yet. So really is it Nintendo that's ruining it or keeping it alive with new customers? Heh don't get me wrong now I like all 3 but you have to admit anyone can pick up the Wii Remote and play some games. Not everyone can pick up the 360/PS3 controler and play some of those games.

ITR4491d ago

You see this, if you work retail. (Recent Super Target Elec Manager)

Price is always an issue.

Wii sells out even when it gets bundled with a crappy game like Spiderman 3. Just ask Toys R Us.

The 360 sells ok, but it really sells if Target does a $50 giftcard with it.
On avg we sell about 2-3 units a week.

The PS3 sells about 1-2 units a week.
Price point really hurts the PS3 sales.