PS3 Slim Dethroned by a Xbox 360 Game from Amazon's Bestseller List

Xbox LifeStyle writes:

"The PS3 Slim spent two full weeks in the number one spot of Amazon's Bestsellers list. This morning Sony's new slimmed down console was dethroned from the top spot, by a Xbox 360 game. The game responsible is definitely going to surprise you."

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doctorstrange4954d ago

but the Slim is still going strong

Winter47th4954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )

Even if it was dethroned by a brand of soap I bet they'd make it the second coming. All this free publicity's much appreciated though, looks like the door swings both ways on this one.

morganfell4954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )

This is the most desperate group of people ever. They tried this the other day and what happened? The game didn't last.

BTW, the 360 made it to number 11 that day and now it is starting to slide back down.

Here is a headline for you. 360 dethroned by PS3.

Anybody know why we didn't see these stories when the Wii was bounced?

gaffyh4954d ago

Star Wars: TFU was such a horrible game, but it's probably worth paying $10 for it.

I'll be honest, I expected this to be about Xbox 360 hardware before looking at the article. Anyone else think that? lol.

prunchess4954d ago

Clutching at any 360 straws it can find at the moment.

Nice to see they can find a ray of sun through all those clouds.....

SevWolf4954d ago

I wonder if there's a somewhere out there somewhere since we already have a psls and now an xboxls XD
On topic: Like morganfell said, no matter when or by what, as soon as the Slim was gonna get "dethroned" it was gonna make Headlines...dont get me wrong I love my 360 and my PS3, but this is just poor excuse for news

masterg4954d ago

LOL... This is ridiculous. The game is only at that spot because Amazon had it at $9.99 until this morning. As soon as the list is showing the last 24 hours with the game at $29.99 it will be way down the list again.


My impression or is this some kind of "pslifestyle" mock-up or even rip-off? LOL

Maddens Raiders4954d ago

I guess anything will work for emotional support at this point for the brand they represent, since on all other levels, the PS3 (slim or fat) has no rival whatsoever.

Greywulf4954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )


Its like not even real news that the slim is #1 on amazon. It really doesn't matter, but then you see an article like this. And you remember "oh yeah, the media hates the ps3" and has to just rain on the parade no matter how insignificant its plus/pro's are. Its like MS/360 folk just want to be #1 in anything. Hell Turn10 bribes people to cheat on a poll for christ sake.

Sony/PS3 can't have anything positive thats just accepted in their favor. Nope, worst games, worst graphics, worst ranking, worst bluray, worst wifi, worst online etc. While i can easily sit here and say Xboxlive is amazing.

4954d ago
SevWolf4954d ago

@ Sev: First of all you just rose in my books, nice work :), I thought somebody ripped off your name by lifestyle :P, but like I said before this is just NOT news worthy, neither was the "news" of PS3 slim being the first, but hey what do I know right?

labaronx4954d ago

you have very well run and informative sites and i enjoy reading your articles for xboxlifestyle and playstation lifestyle...

but as a fan, and i am a fan... these types of articles are unbecoming of you

but keep up the good work with stuff like GOW 1&2 coming to PS3

SuperStrokey11234954d ago

You guys are all idiots, Sev posted this. Its his webpage... seriously guys pay attention.

creeping judas4954d ago

but when the article came out that the PS3 slim is number 1 on amazon list, it was ok to approve that story? I think Morganfell in the other attempted post someone even pointed out that you approved the "amazon ps3 slim article" but railed against all other amazon related articles? What gives?

Greywulf4954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )

Its hard to think that you actually really believe that this "article" would drive any sort of genuine commentary outside of the obvious flamewar/fanboy roll. Its hard to see the objective behind it(especially on n4g) being anything more than hitting a beehive with a stick and walking away to watch. Im not sure what the point is to pen a 9.00 game sold more often than a Console..., in any beneficial way to your audience that is some how more apparent than it just being taken as most articles here which are just to stir up the pot.

I think lifestyle works because theres actual news and you don't have to reach to make any.

There are a ton of fanboys this gen, myself included. Not that I take offense to what you said, because I've given my soul to Sony, so i have no emotion. But you toss a bloody carcass in the ocean, something is going to bite. And I haven't read the comments that are disgusting you so much in the gamer zone. Just that it does appear to be a desperate attempt to one-up the ps3 some way.

You know full well if most people knew it was you... hell I woulda just thought "sevs having an off day or something" and moved on due to your contributions to lifestyle @ n4g. Its like you're walter cronkite, then you do some shock-mc jerry springer article.

There are a ton of fake sites that push nonsense articles like this just to get hits on n4g, its pretty safe to say that if this article didn't come off as one of those, then no one would be commenting.

Poopface the 2nd4954d ago

these fanboys arnt real gamers. They are on a which hunt and any article that doesnt praise sony is automatically bashed. Even an article only about xbox becomes about how great the ps3 is, or how much he xbox gets RRoD.

This is kinda interesting taht SW is selling that good while on sale, but it was more interesting a few days ago when Tales of vesperia was at #1. I think it was on sale for 15$ or something, but I still wouldnt expect that game to sell much even if it were on sale.

You sony fanboys should not get so upset about every article that isnt a sony rimjob piece. The fact is that SW took #1 spot for a short while, and that amazon is nothing more than a small indicator of sales. Im just happy to the see ps3 doing much better than before.

I got a ps3 slim now but I will never be a pathetic sony fanboy.

Winter47th4954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )

With the flood of moronic, doesn't make any sense, WTF attacks ever since Sony announced the PS3Slim, what type of comments did you expect exactly? It all comes to how the context is made. A console getting "dethroned" by a game on sale, is this really news worthy/makes sense?

I'm one of your followers and bubble you whenever I can, but this news bit, it doesn't serve anything really.

Consoldtobots4954d ago

"The PS3 fanboys are disgusting here.

Xbox LifeStyle is run by me. The same guy who runs PlayStation LifeStyle."

says the guy who compares a game discounted to $10 to a $300 console. Hows that attention whore thing working out for you?

JokesOnYou4954d ago

Well the only screaming and kicking is sony loyalists...this article is self-explanatory, software usually outsells hardware and of course the only reason this game is at the top is because Amazon is almost giving it away. Why so insecure?...this is what happens when you allow other news posts of Amazon sales...then everytime it changes somebody thinks its newsworthy...typical n4g.


MNicholas4954d ago

They did the same thing during the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD wars. When Blu-Ray products was obviously winning Microsoft started handing out seller rebates to retailers so that they could lower the price of select items (including Toshiba hardware) to keep HD-DVD up there in sales and in the public's perception. Actually, a lot of companies do it but Microsoft has so much cash in the bank that they can afford to do it more than anyone else.

It's incredible how much money Microsoft is willing to pump out of their cash reserves to stay in the game. After losing so much money on the Xbox division, frankly, they have no choice. The only alternative is to cut and run but Microsoft is too arrogant to do that. Just look at the Zune.

Christopher4954d ago

OMG! Please, keep me updated to the minute on these extremely important bits of news! Tell me when the PS3 is back on top, or when the next best seller dethrones it, or when a Wii product isn't in the top 10.

Seriously, it's all I live for, to know a minute-to-minute update on what's selling well on!

SoapShoes4954d ago

Killzone 2 dethroned the Wii... No one gave a crap about that because games usually do outsell consoles most of the time.

solidt124954d ago

I thought Star Wars was a great game. I can't blame people for buying it at that price. All the physics and powers makes it worth playing. I have the PS3 version though. Oh yeah and this article is dumb. If it was a system beating the PS3 then that would make since but this is just a game. I want to see what happens when Halo 3 ODST comes out and how it affects sales.

INehalemEXI4954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )

Star Wars TFU for 10 bucks thats an insanely good deal even though they over hyped the title it was still a good game. Any decent next gen game at retail for only 10 bucks is good news. Unless your trying to trade or sell your copy , cause you would not be able to sell it for much.

vhero4954d ago

Surprised its still so high considering there out of stock.

god_o_war4954d ago

i respect you for the information you provide but really theres a big difference between hardware sales and software sales. software sales will always start to slow down quickly at some point they will stop but hardware keeps goin until the productions have stopped.

are you goin to make another article for what ever software or hardware "dethrones" SW:TFU?

JD_Shadow4954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )

So, let me see if I can sort this out:

- Sev makes an article that probably wasn't news (deals of the day on Amazon usually get the top of the list and usually beats ANYTHING, popular or not), and wasn't like him to make because it could be interpreted (and rightfully so) as flame bait (I made a similar story about the PS3 version of Fallout 3 being on top of that list because of it being the deal of the day a while back, and it failed).
- 360 fanboys begin to praise him when they couldn't STAND him before, when they KNOW the truth (they just want someone to tell them that something on the 360 is better than the hated PS3).
- People say "why did you post a flame bait article".
- In a rush to defend himself, Sev makes the classic mistake of thinking that everyone that criticized him is a PS3 fanboy and calls them all "disgusting", when all they did was say that he wasn't in the right for this article, which they have every right to do. This only fuels the 360 fanboys more because Sev just gave them ammunition for their own flame war (which DOES get "disgusting"). While it is true that some attacks against him are uncalled for, his all-inclusiveness in his defense was just as uncalled for. And I have a great deal of respect for him, too. Keep in mind, as well, that not many, if ANYONE, knew that it WAS Sev that owned the site and thought it was just some random person trying to rip off of his site.
- Seeing as how he was somehow offended at the criticism, people say that they respect him but he was wrong here. As of now, he's yet to respond to those people.

Personally, Sev, I think you only put fuel to the flames. I think a lot of people were offended because of a misunderstanding, and you took it as something more. That and it actually, kind of makes this situation WORSE because you should know better (on both writing the flame bait and by trying to defend yourself in that way). You've seen how 360 fanboys on this site LOVE these articles, and it fuels them (and you KNOW how they act on this site). Don't see where the article was telling anything newsworthy, and I don't see where the whole offense was coming from.

1. You probably should answer these new criticisms from those that do respect your work but questioned the wisdom of this article. Silence speaks volumes, and you not answering them will only make things worse about this situation.
2. Just so you know, you have a right to defend yourself. I'm not saying you don't. Just that the way you went about it was crap. "You PS3 fanboys are disgusting". Umm...what did they say that was so wrong? THEY have every right to say that the article was crap just as much as you did to defend it. You DIDN'T have ANY right to put everyone in a box with the select few. You should know how it feels to get put into that box with those same people, and it was from the same damn people who are praising your ass now over this article. So why are you doing it to them now?

FamilyGuy4954d ago

The fact that keeps having 360 games as their "video game deal of the day" period.
I check the deals everyday and recently (this past week) there's been a lot of 360 games on there when it would usually be wii games, wii accessories and ds games with an occasional multi-platform game with the 360, PS3 and possibly pc versions of the game all available for the special price.

A good story here would be how 360 games lower in price much faster than PS3 version/games (I'll bet because of the blu-ray medium) but many of us already new this. It's likely the reason the PS3 version wasn't up for $10 that day.

I know you're trying to get the 360 version of your site up and running but it's going to be pretty difficult until real, good, 360 news surfaces. If you get some exclusive, unknown news or even a good tip/rumor that sounds possible then the site should do just good as it's playstation counterpart. But this site, at the momemt, has too many PS3 diehards for stories like this one (small news) to go uncritized.
The comments above seriously look ridiculous but maybe because I already read a couple weeks ago (in one of your comments) that you were about to open this site. Then again, I didn't take this as negative news like anyone above and only really entered to see what game it was. My only reason for commenting was the riot that seemed to go on, in this comment section, because of it.

Christopher4954d ago

Actually, FamilyGuy, there's one sale a day of a 360 game this week because that's part of Microsoft's marketing plan to distract people from the PS3. Personally, I love it because it gives me a good chance to pick up a game for cheap if I don't already have it.

Love love love love competition :)

antt34954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )

What a horrible, horrible, sad excuse for an article this is. Even f this is Sev's site, even if Sev posted it, it's still silly.

The game was the gold box deal of the day, being sold for 10 bucks. Of course it shot to number 1!

GiantEnemyCrab4954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )

"Nice to see they can find a ray of sun through all those clouds..... "

Spoken like a fanboy. The last time I checked we are all gamers here playing GAMES. What ray of sun have PS3 fans been enjoying? Probably Batman:AA, the same as 360 owners. I've also been enjoying the hell out of Shadow Complex on 360.

If your ray of sun rises and falls on price cuts and a redesign of a system you already own well please excuse me while I try and contain my excitement.

@the rest complaining about the article. It is simply stating the fact that the PS3's #1 spot was able to be knocked out by a 6 month old Star Wars game going for $10 dollars.. Maybe the article over states it a bit but it is the truth and there was no shortage of "PS3 #1 on Amazon" articles.

FamilyGuy4954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )

That's possible, OR they might have simply run out of wii game deals with the recent main "deal of the day" being all wii related.

Greywulf4954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )

Fat princess says hi..?

and the 360 has been constantly beat by PS3 Bluetooth remote batteries. according to amazon.. which means 0.

Amazon is a lame indicator, but its always fun to see like vgchartz. NOW, since the 360 can't get a top spot.. It has to be pointed out that "buh see sony isnt perfect!" and now a multiplatform game has won this gen right? or something. What is the significance of a 9 dollar game with an alleged 30 million owners worldwide selling faster than a 299 dollar console?

Its like people pretend they don't care, yet rush and fall overthemselves to point out that well the 360 cant manage to do it, but a star wars game can..


and then...

it goes back to #1

RememberThe3574954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )

N4G is freakin out right now...

Jecht4954d ago

Isn't Force Unleashed a multiplat game? So technically the PS3 wasn't dethroned by a 360 game.

lightningsax4954d ago

Sev, I'm totally giving you the benefit of the doubt here. While the story isn't exactly front-page news and the title seems a bit flamebait-ish (come on, a $300 console vs. a $10 popular-IP game, considering the costs, who cares about that figure?), take the PS3 Slim thing away and you've got an interesting story. What about Batman vs. TFU? I'd rather pay $50 to stay away from TFU and play Batman AA, but apparently the public disagrees!

Venomish4954d ago



these article are dumb and those approving them are dumber.

INehalemEXI4954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )

ah yes ,saw slim was back on top when I went to track an order. Star Wars TFU reign was short lived.

Nikuma4954d ago

Wow Sev.... way to post some stupid ass !#%@. How did this garbage get approved?

MEsoJD4954d ago

I didn't expect something like this out of you.

Don't let HHG make you look bad.

aaronisbla4954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )

the amount of fanboy like behavior in here is sad, really sad. Jesus, some of you guys did a total 180 on sev and that isnt exactly fair.

If you even read the article, its not like he was trying to make the ps3 slim look bad, he was just pointing out that a game was going for 9.99 and it knocked the ps3 out of top spot

on topic: i didn't like the article only because its really not news, but i do respect you Sev, but it just isnt ur best work, thats all

thesummerofgeorge4954d ago

And insults people here, but this whole article is flamebait. Obviously the game taking that spot was a flash in the pan, cause it was at a really low sale price... But Sev titles the article PS3 Slim "Dethroned" By Xbox 360 Game.... Just like what buddy said above, is he now gonna write an article saying: "PS3 back on top on it's "Throne"". I'm not a fanboy, I just don't see this as news, but as flamebate. Don't be fooled, Sev knows what he's doin.

boyd184954d ago

Seriously, Serv you rule! It's refreshing to see someone who is able to report news on both sides of the fence, without calling flame war.

Unbias ftw!

Microsoft Xbox 3604954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )

Just because Sev1512 posted this does NOT make this article unbiased. Trust me he's trying too hard to be one. If anything, his reputation is heading in the same direction where HHG is right now. First you side with the PS3 fans with too positive news then you roll out with flamebait news catering to the other console. Exact play by play of the infamous HHG if you ask me and look where he's at right now.

He says he's not a fanboy. LOL. He used every trick in the book of fanboys to lure you people to visit his blog site. And I agree with thesummerofgeore. This Sev guy thinks he's all high and mighty. Seems he shot himself in the foot with this one.

GiantEnemyCrab4954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )

Greywulf you are so full of it. I finished the story but I'm far from completing the game. I did not have a single slow down or hiccup when playing this game so I have no idea what your talking about.

I'm glad you enjoy Fat Princess, I am not interested in it at all so I didn't buy it and can't compare it. What I can see though is:

1. Playstation 3: Fat Princess (2009) 80
1. Xbox 360: Shadow Complex (2009) 89

But anyway, this isn't about Shadow Complex. We agree, Amazon does mean squat whether it's PS3 Slim or Star Wars. Why are we all here making such a big deal out of this? Where were all these complaints when the Slim Amazon charts starting happening. If anything, that is when this started back up again. Kill one, then kill them all I say.

FamilyGuy4954d ago

Another 360 game gets to be the "video game deal of the deal"

BTW, what ever happened to the "blu-ray deal of the day"?

zeeshan4953d ago

Slim is at #2 while Wii Fit Plus with balance board is #1, while, Star Wars that "dethrone" the PS3 from #1 spot is at #6. I mean, I know XBLS is a new site but do you REALLY have to write such articles to get hits and to make your affiliate sales commission?

edgeofblade4953d ago

Wow. I can't believe how immature people are being about this. It's probably a fluke, but at the same time, the reaction from the PS3 faithful is pricelessly off-topic.

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Xbox360Elite4954d ago

It was just a matter of time i'm quite sure every ps3 fan new this was gonna happen.

dustgavin4954d ago

Meanwhile....the actual 360 system sits at around number 16.

talltony4954d ago

Hes talkin sh*t while his favorite console is holding it down in the 16th spot lol.hahaha

BXbomber4954d ago

i sen u bashing and doing nothing but bashing on the ps3. ur the biggest xbot i have ever seen. well have fun playing ur RROD machine.

sunnygrg4954d ago

The reason it got "dethroned" was because the game was on sale for $14.99. I bought 5 of them to make quick bucks off of some ignorant bots :)

36T4954d ago

This just shows that Amazon means squat. Do they even count for 5% of sales in NA? I wouldn't think so.

sunil4954d ago

PS3 Slim is at No 1 now

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Xbox360Elite4954d ago

I'll try to keep quite for today as you droids must be feeling down and crying.

dustgavin4954d ago

It is spelled q-u-i-e-t. You should stay off the boards and wrap your fingers around a dictionary.

54percent4954d ago

"Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was yesterday’s deal of the day, for the ultra-low price of $9.98,"

Xbots are IDIOTS I tell you... OMG it's a multiplat game! What are my bots into? seaweed?

"Star Wars: The Force Unleashed "

it's not a Xbox game dear lord!

kws10654954d ago

It looks like MS (or Amazon) throwing cheap games on it.

First, there was a deal for Tales of Vesperia for 15 bucks and it made top rank shortly.

And now it is Star wars: FU, which was 10 bucks when I checked, and now it is 30 bucks. Soon, it is going down.

Could you stop throwing eggs on a solid rock? It doesn't change a thing.

colonel1794954d ago

Did you really need to make a topic about this?? How is this news?

Congratulations about your new xbox site, but if you don't have anything to write on that site, better wait for some content worth writing about. I don't care what is your favorite console, this is just useless!

jahcure4954d ago

The game was on sale for NINE DOLLARS!!! WOW..well i guess it doesn't change the fact...

How about reporting that the elite is falling out of the top 25 ALREADY after having peaked at #15...