Rumour: Largest HD-DVD studio, Universal, going neutral

Heise Online, a German IT website, is reporting that during a press conference, representatives from Pioneer announced that Universal will break their exclusivity agreement with HD DVD. This would allow Universal, the only large studio exclusively supporting HD DVD, to freely distribute their movies on Blu-ray. It is important to note that this announcement has not yet been confirmed by Universal.

It has long been speculated that Universal was receiving monetary compensation for being an exclusive HD DVD studio. This announcement would signal that they have decided to forgo the compensation in order to release titles on Blu-ray. Most would agree that this move would effectively end the war, and no matter what side you support, a single HD format is the best long term solution.

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TriggerHappy4207d ago

THE WAR IS over, and this adds more weight to the rumor that was going about that Microsoft will be releasing a new Blu ray add on this Christmas.

Bigmac5734207d ago

Bye bye, HD DVD, nice knowing you lol

nicodemus4207d ago

cause if true, definitely a nail in the coffin.

Premonition4207d ago

If this were posted more in the evening hours this news wouldnt go so well with others.

kidd24464207d ago

hahahahahaha......wait a min....hahahaha.....haaaaaaa

Blackmoses4207d ago

Hold on a minute......HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA....wait wait what did my boy Pete say (PETER MOORE)...."Sony made a mistake?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! phew!....HA...HAHA....HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!