Forza Motorsport 3 - Dreams trailer

Eurogamer Portugal published a new trailer from Forza Motorsport 3.

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Mandaspt3427d ago

Best racing game of this year.

Yi-Long3427d ago

... the cars looks amazing, but TBH I rather see them put alot more effort into giving us a wider variety in cool original fun tracks to race on, instead a couple of hundred cars with a zillion polygons.

Forza 1 was indeed amazing. Forza 2 was just a HD version and even excluded a few of the best tracks from Forza 1 (sadly).

If Forza 3 once again doesn't have enough interesting new tracks, I will be disappointed, to say the least. Most of the tracks that are announced we already know by now.

aldesko3427d ago

I think Forza 3 has like 100 tracks... that's a lot.

Greywulf3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )



direct feed captures of the actual game


i remember when people were excited about the F2/PGR4 bullshots/offscreen stuff too.. lol

Yi-Long3427d ago

They say the game has 100 tracks. How many 'different' tracks do they really mean? Did they mirror each track they have to 'double' the amount, and then they have slight 'variations' on those tracks and call them 'different'!?

Most of the tracks they announced for Forza 3 seem to be tracks we already raced on MANY MANY times before, in Forza 1/2.

Yeah they will look even prettier, but personally, I just want new, original fun tracks to discover and drive on.

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Supercalifragili3427d ago

Well, i´m going to wait for TGS and see if GT5 isn´t better than this.

GameOn3427d ago

Why don't you just get both if you have the choice to?

Dutch Boogie3427d ago

True that. If you own both consoles then why not get both? unless you are running short on cash. In that case i don't blame you lol.

Perjoss3427d ago

I dont think either game will be better than the other, they both look like amazing driving sims, they will just be different in some ways.

kingdavid3427d ago

This is old.. Like a week old.

StanLee3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Yeah, it is atleast a week old.

Xbox360Elite3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

What's GT5...........Never mind a quick google and it says GT5 is the wanna be Forza 3.

Forza 3 takes real life to the next level graphics unseen on any consoles ever which will be impossible to do on ps3 due too out dated poor graphics chip and lack of memory.

kingdavid3427d ago

Happens in any open zone to do with GT or forza. All you can do is ignore it really..

aldesko3427d ago

It goes both ways, too. It's funny cause they basically say the same thing... you can replace certain words out of their posts and replace them with what 'the other side' would say.

For example (using XBox360Elite's post)...

"What's Forza 3...........Never mind a quick google and it says Forza 3 is the wanna be GT5.

GT5 takes real life to the next level graphics unseen on any consoles ever which will be impossible to do on 360..."

The_Beast3427d ago

i needed a good laugh, bots are the best comedians.

you dont even make is the wanna be when it came out in the 90s and it has better graphics then gt5..... idk what to say you must be one high mf

talltony3427d ago

the funny thing is that GT5 runs in 1080p and forza 3 runs in 720p with less cars on track than GT5. And yea elite I guess the cell has nothing to do with ps3's graphics lol you are so delusional!!!

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Dutch Boogie3427d ago

Looks awesome. 360 fans should buy this game. Still though it being the "Definitive" is not quite true. We shall wait and see when the rest of the racing games this year are released.

kingdavid3427d ago

Theres only two in the running. Forza and GT.

I cant see NFS amounting to much at all... It might steal a few sales from the mothers who buy games based on name.

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