Uncharted Drake :Character CG and Trailer Comparison

In an interview with the lead character artist of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, a new render of Drake surfaced. It's certainly different to the ingame model of 2005, but how close is it?

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TriggerHappy4233d ago

the game is shown again,am sure it is going to wow a whole lotta pople. Both screens look amazing though

techie4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

i have a newer and better image for the comparison...willing to share it. It's from Game informer...but it's the newer build and looks more like the cg model

Cool dude! DOn't want to be a just puts it in a better context. :)

TriggerHappy4233d ago

it please, is this from the newer version of gameinformer ?

techie4233d ago

yuh I'm going to post them later on with some new info...taking me awhile to read it all and get it down. But a few hours I'll post it

TriggerHappy4233d ago

Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn..thats one impressive looking screen. They are exactly the same man. I can't tell the difference. *_*

techie4233d ago

It's the one on the right with the wrinkles. My story will be on how animations can be mixed to form new ones, so nothing will be the same. Eg. He's running for a long time shooting...he start to get tired, he'll show it in his face - somebody might jump out and scare him, he'll be shocked and still tired at the same time ;)

TriggerHappy4233d ago

one of the best to be games on ps3.

Gears of war used the unreal Engine and facial expressions and other were top notched, Uncharted uses some unknown engine. I am curious to see a comparison between the two because my friends we may have an ultimate game engine in the making

techie4233d ago

Maybe you can add this. The models will look different than that cg picture. But they are trying to get as close as possible, I'll explain why.

they are both using the same textures, however, not the same material. the material in the render is specific to mental ray and the in game material is a proprietary skin shader. This will definetly make it look a little different.

there is also texture compresion which kinda mushes a lot of the detail together resulting in less variation and an almost "flatter" look. It sucks, but its games.. something we all have to deal with to an extent.

The render also uses heavy multi pixel filtering which allows you to see everything. we dont have that really in games. because of that things are not as crisp and also blur together a bit when shown on screen.

the render was done before the in game model, to give them a bar to strive for. obviously because of the compression, real time shaders, less accurate lighting, etc, they can only hit it to a certain extent.

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Violater4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

Good game it will be, great is yet to be seen when its released, ultimate?? now thats a bit of a stretch.

NikV34233d ago

from what ive read about it it seems it will be an original game, wich is good because we need more of those. looks very good aswell, good to see that the ps3 is starting to be shown in its true form, slowly but surly it will get better and better

kdawg2224233d ago

amazing, man give me either one and i am still buying the game.

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