Available Now - Double Dragon Whips onto Xbox LIVE Arcade

Double Dragon Available Now!

Fight for who gets the whip on Xbox LIVE as online co-op play is fully supported with the release of Double Dragon on Xbox LIVE Arcade!

It is currently available for download now for 400 Microsoft Points.

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SmokeyMcBear4207d ago

"Luckyyyy" - Napoleon Dynamite

DD was an awesome game, have fun playing it.

brianodom4207d ago


only takes about 2 mins to setup

Lacarious4207d ago

I've done every single MAME game... str8 to the end. But now it's on my 55" HD so that's coo... and it's only a few bucks. I'm sure i could hook my comp up to my HD but I need a new one and i'm not going to commit to a PC any time soon. However... I hear that you can record HD content and push it to your PC. I foresee that being a SWEET option.

Bill Gates4207d ago

I'm jelous!!

This is such a good game.

Lacarious4207d ago

waiting to co-op it... sh!t betta be tru to the OG