Xbox 360 Spring 2007 Dashboard update hands-on

Engadget takes a look at the recently released Spring Dashboard update. As well as images of the update and a look at what MPEG-4 / H.264 video was added and what actually worked.

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Diselage4483d ago

I was hoping for way more video support but i guess theres always the fall update. I also feel that the new MSN feature needs some tweaking already.

Saint Sony4483d ago

Messenger in 360 is in its first phase. User feedback is important. I find it really cool though.

Lack of Divx support seems to be the biggest lowdown to people, but they never promised it, just rumors. Lets hope it comes with next update, when ever it is.

Diselage4483d ago

Another thing i don't understnd is when you put a game in it now says "play Crackdown" or whatever game you have in. What about offering that feature for DVD's, it only makes sence.

FreeMonk4483d ago

Lack of major media support like DIVX, plus it's still not modder proof.

According to sources, backups are still working on firmware upgraded drives, worst still on the old firmware, not the new 5.3 firmware that was available to conquer it.

I wonder if MS can ever solve that problem!

donscrillinger4483d ago

can somebody tell me how to make these videos work or something .or does all the movies got to be mpeg4

Diselage4483d ago

They have to be exactly what the article said, other wise they won't work. It sucks.

gta_cb4483d ago

i still think this update has done alot of good things, one thing i was woundering is, when someone sent me a message on MSN (on the 360) i had to open the chat bit like on private chat, i dont know how to make it look like it did on that interview, where there is a little box at the bottom of the screen... how do i do this?

donscrillinger4483d ago

can someone tell me the converter i need and where i can get it so that i can play my movies Plz help me out

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