Jessica Biel as Chun-Li in Street Fighter Movie?

According to film site Latino Review, there are early casting rumors putting the Hollywood actress in the lead to play Chun-Li in the forthcoming Street Fighter movie. The movie is scheduled to appear in 2008 in time for the 20th anniversary of the game.

Unlike the 1994 film, starring Jean Claude Van Damme, this one will focus on the series' most popular female fighter, Chun-Li, instead of Colonel William F. Guile.

Apparently Keira Knightley and Jessica Alba both passed up the opportunity to play the role leaving Jessica Biel as the casters' top choice. The only question is, will anyone notice that she doesn't look, well, you know, Chinese?

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SmokeyMcBear4182d ago

aw man i loved chun li.. those delicious legs... that could break you in half

Lex Luthor4182d ago

why not cast a chinese person?

InMyOpinion4182d ago

That would be more authentic. Unfortunately, they need to use actresses that are 'it' at the moment to get more buzz surrounding the movie. It will suck @ss anyways so why not just cast Jackie Chan as Chun-Li?

fenderputty4182d ago

and I do understand your point. Adding Ms. Biel’s arss to the big screen will only make the movie that much more bearable.

Diselage4182d ago

Lucy Liu would've looked good enough for this part, and she is very easy on the eyes. Her price tag may of been to high.

Pheneus4182d ago

disgusting example of North American colonialism at work. Take a Japanese game character who is supposed to be Chinese and put a wonderbread white girl in her place. Adding insult to injury, the "Chinglish" character is going to be the main focus of the movie. This will be worse than Electra and I hope whoever is funding it loses millions. This is just a disgrace...

ITR4182d ago

Jackie Chan as Ryu would be awesome.

But like the last SF movie it'll probably fail.

At least she has a nice body.

Nothing could be worse then Catwoman.

What was bad about Elektra is you saw the character in Daredevil and by the time Elektra hit your like WTF happened?!

PhinneousD4180d ago

this harkens back to when white people played enthic people in hollywood do to racisim. are we reverting back to that? will they tape up her eyes for a slantier look? will the portrayal of black people in this movie be white people with 'black face'? i was pretty irritated when a chinese person played a japanese person in memoirs of a gisha... this is just fukcing lame. where are all my asian american actresses at? ... holla!

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