Rumor: PSPs with non-downgradable firmware on its way to the stores?

Would you buy a PSP armed with a security feature that makes it hack proof?

According to Nadclovek from PSP-Spot (sourcing an EB Games Regional Manager in Calgary, Canada), new shipments of PlayStation Portables may sport higher firmware (4.xx) and retail at 169.99 CAD or around US$ 153.67. This might not be good for PSP sales to say the least.

Nadclovek says:

Sony was sending out Emails to its Commercial Retailers that all new PSPs to be sent out will have 'Downgradable Prevention' built right into them. All new PSPs to be shipped out as of next week Friday, May 18th, will be a higher firmware, 4.xx (specifics were not released), but they were promised to include new security features to prevent hacks and downgrades. Apparently this is one of their first steps to start focusing on the PSP again, instead of diverting all attention to the PS3.

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TriggerHappy4207d ago

get Dark_Alex on the phone and tell them of this little development.

sony 8 = Dark_Alex 8

Karebear4207d ago

I'd sell my old school PSP at a premium on Ebay and buy one of the new ones pretty quickly :) I don't mind sticking with official games, especially since I can get all the PSone games from the PS Store now. Cha-Ching $.

Frulond4207d ago

Of course. Hacking PSP leads to plenty of possible bugs and turning it into junk.
People goes looking all around the web for downloadable games and hacks only to get a PSP virus or some crap ending up with his/her PSP life.
Its like software on the web one day or another you'll end up hooking some virus and losing valuable information in your PC. Happens more than you think.

omansteveo4207d ago

The Hacking of the PSP is the reason alot of people buy them...i mean seriously what games would you play on it, if it were'nt for hacking

neogeo4207d ago

I wont buy it if I can't hack it.

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The story is too old to be commented.