First Dissidia scan from Shonen Jump

The first Dissidia: Final Fantasy scan from Japanese magazine Shonen Jump has appeared online. The scan features the confirmed characters and we finally see the graphics for the first time.

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tehcellownu4179d ago (Edited 4179d ago )

hell yeah im gettin this game for my psp!with crisis core and silent hill.. ooh yeah tactics too..

midgard2294179d ago

the graphics are amazing!!!, and an action/fighting game to top?? YES!! wow the characters look so much better in tetsuya nomura's art style

sajj3164179d ago

As gamers transition from PS2 to PS3 .... its nice knowing that I'll still get my PS2-like fix through the PSP. God of War, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Daxter, Rachet, etc.... They will need more games like Loco to appeal to the Jap market though.

CrazzyMan4179d ago

good for psp.
soon there will be really good library of games on psp. :)

when psp light will be released? =)

midgard2294179d ago

it does look like the beautiful crisis core engine. and since tetsuya nomura is doing the designs you can most likley count that he will have a few FF7 characters in the game aswell :), cloud tifa and seph, PLZ!!!!

i think its pretty cool, the power on the psp is pretty strong for a hand held, looks as good as some ps2 games. this game, crisis core, tales of destiny 2 (not eternia), tales of the world, valkyrie profile lenneth, wild arms cross fire, and more are must play games :D

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