Xbox 360 [email protected] project a possibility, says Moore

Microsoft games boss Peter Moore has indicated that the company would seriously consider running a research project similar to Sony's [email protected] initiative, on the Xbox 360.

"If we truly believe that we can in some way marshal the resources of a much larger installed base of Xbox 360 owners, with a processor that's of equal power to the PS3, then you have my commitment that we'll look at that."

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decapitator4490d ago

hahah...Moore ? Did the article just say Moore ? Nah i mean can someone confirm this ? Did it say Moore ? "consoles break ya know" Moore ?

OutLaw4490d ago

Come on MS be yourself and don't copy Sony on this.

Firewire4490d ago

Don't worry, MS won't do this. He basically copped out
there at the end.
"We continue to look at this and see whether there's real value,"
What a turd!
He tries to slam the PS3 for doing folding as well! And what a f'n dreamer
equal processor! ha ha!
Even the Stanford guy said the 360 is no were near as good as the PS3
at folding!
MS is so lame, really pathetic!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4490d ago

Funny how the last news on [email protected] you Fony PS3 fans were saying this couldn't be done on the 360. Now your saying "their copying Sony", someone is starting to sound scared. Maybe its because there are so many more 360s out then PS3s that "maybe" they can achieve more through the 360s 6 million live members. That reminds me Sony don't even have 6 million consoles sold.

OutLaw4490d ago

So before you go on with saying "some one is starting to sound scared" get your facts straight. I just purchase the xbox 360 elite and I already have two premiums but one of them broke on me so now I have only two xbox 360s.

So cut the loyal fan bashing sh!t.

If you don't believe me then here is one of my Gamertags, Snakeyez100. It doesn't mean I would put you on my friends list but I figure to educate you a little bit.

I just feel MS is doing well and they don't need to copy Sony on this, not because I'm a fanboy but because it is dumb on their part if they did.

DEIx15x84490d ago

I don't want them to do this. I won't be participating so i would rather them use that coding time for something worthwhile like backwards compatibility.

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nix4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

i wonder any xbox360 owners would want to keep their consoles running.

EDIT: to dominus and kat:

ah... i said that because of the "rings of death" problem that plagues the 360s... i was just wondering any brave xbox owners will let the console run [email protected] when they are not playing games. that's all.

and as for "the less you use, the more it will last", i think it depends.

EDIT 2: @Wurwag (below)

whoa dude... what are you getting at? tell me if i was wrong... the guy below said it already:

"IIIJUMPMAN23III - 4 Minutes ago
6 -
I would never leave my x360 on for a long time, or leave it running.
Only use my X360 for gaming now since it has died twice."

no comments!

dominusbellum4490d ago

i have been keeping my 360 running all night for the past week in a half b/c i watch movies falling asleep and i have had no problems with it.

kewlkat0074490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

PS3 owners. I have a 360 and don't care about this project, while I do see the relevant cause, but still, the consumed wattage, and the amount of heat of just leaving anything on, doesn't fly with me too well. I can be a penny pincher, especially when you pay the bills , and not moms.

I even turn my PS2 Stand by switch to off .

In todays Consoles..

-CPU Cycles
-IR ports constants scanning for remote controls.
-Wireless card activity

-If the consensus is, the less miles/wear & tear you put on your car, the longer it will last, then I'm sure that applies to electronics world, with CPU's Cycles and Optical Drives Lasers.

Saint Sony4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

Maybe one reason would be solving YOUR problems, if that's even possible.

NaAsAr4490d ago

it would most likely be the ATI gpu client.

r10004490d ago

Isn't there a restriction on the 360 that "ONLY" allows GAMES to run??? Whats this "other" stuff all about....

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