First Final Fantasy IV Scan

First Final Fantasy IV Scan for Nintendo DS.

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decapitator4486d ago

this is now official folks. the ds is really getting FFIV

TriggerHappy4486d ago

with an s, there are more over at Am sold.

PS360WII4486d ago

dang and here I thought it was just a rumor... well I have mixed feelings. Didn't it just came out for gba about 3 months ago right? I'm kind of happy that it's going to be a full remake and not a port cuz FFIV rocked! Go Cecil! Ah well I guess we can expect remakes for V and VI as well for either DS or PSP. Once those are all remade (not ported mind you I guess SE doesn't count them) we can finally get the remake for VII and up.

specialguest4486d ago

I have no memorable attachement to FF V since it was never released in the US for the SNES back in those days for whatever reason.(I was pissed!) As for FF VI, that remake is a MUST! That was the time when RPGs started to really take off.

bootsielon4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

Not to be a party pooper, but FF on PS1 looked better than this. I don't think Square is putting much effort on these games. What's worse, they can't be ported to consoles or PSP with better technology, unless they eliminate whatever happens on the second screen. Then again, I couldn't care LESS if that happened.

On a side note, I think Nintendo is ruinning the game industry for hardcore gamers, which is ironic considering we've been the ones supporting them all this time. I don't care if you flame me.


Prinzdaman: I know it's a portable game. There is already FFIV on portables and consoles. Which gets me to the next point...

PS360WII: ...which is business. Of course it's business, man. It's a lot cheaper to make games for DS than for PS3 of course, and it's a smashing success. I have yet to get a DS... and I will of course. But I'm just saying Nintendo is slowing the industry down. But don't worry, since it is business, and Square just loves to salvage its franchises, we will probably see another FF4 remake on next-gen consoles. Hell, not just a FF4 remake, but every other FF made. $$$

Unfortunately, you can't simply port a DS game to consoles, just as you can't port anything from Wii to next-gen and viceversa. That was a genius move for nintendo, because they've truly differenciated their product. Unfortunately, that segregates gamers, unlike PS2 which united hardcore, casual and kiddie. The Wii and DS of course have hardcore gamers, but that doesn't mean hardcore gamers are glad. Unfortunately, 360 and PS3 will not reach the casual and kiddie with such price tags, at least not as fast as nintendo is doing.

Which is why I'm saying Nintendo is screwing our hobby. They're fine with it, casuals are fine with it, publishers, developers and everybody else is happy because dev costs are low; except the hardcore, which have long supported the industry. But I guess we can't do much, except rant; OR, buy next-gen, hardcore games as a priority.

And by the way, I disagree in that the hardcore shunned Nintendo. The hardcore bought the cube and the 64 just to play Zelda, Goldeneye, and Smash Bros. (Then they sold it back, like they did with the 64 in japan)

TriggerHappy4486d ago

come on man, this is for a HANDHELD system, you cant compare it to a console version.

PS360WII4486d ago

Alright so I can see where you get the idea that Nintendo is disregarding the hardcore. They are infact looking at a different target group for even though you said the hardcore have been supporting them all this time is really not to truthful. Only Nintendo peeps really keep them afloat. Hardcore gamers have been shunning Nintendo since N64 era. So that may have left a sour taste in their mouth and they find kids and casual gamers still like em so they are producing more products for them.
Now this is where we get into the mix. Just like with the E-T rating system Nintendo is know to have many many of them. They do however have plenty of M rated games and rpgs for the hardcore gamer. Just not as many. This can be said for this argument. They have a plethora of games for the casual, but they also will supply the games that hardcore people want. They just know there market so they don't make as many hardcore type games then they would for there cash flow. It's buisness and casuals are buying

ItsDubC4486d ago

Wow, this might be the game that forces me to buy a DS.