EA: First Spielberg Title Is For Wii

The first in a three franchise collaboration with the acclaimed Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, which was first announced back in October 2005, EA has today confirmed that the untitled game will be heading to Nintendo Wii before the end of the 2008 fiscal year, which ends on March 31st next year.

Described as the "Wii Spielberg" title in an EA conference call to investors, little else is known about the game, though it will join both EA Playground and Boogie as exclusive titles on Nintendo's so-called 'new-generation' machine.

Spielberg is just one in a small group of movie directors delving into videogames, along with Peter Jackson and James Cameron, but the fact that his first EA collaboration will be a Wii title is something of a surprising revelation.

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PS360WII4183d ago

The Wii is good testing grounds for anyone who wants to join the gaming sphere. With it's cheap production cost and easy to use architecture I'm sure it's a good decision to start on the Wii to get your feet wet.

Anyway glad Wii is getting some exclusives on it's belt ^^

ItsDubC4183d ago

Definitely agree, though I hope anyone trying to get their feet wet in the videogame industry doesn't just view the Wii as a springboard to console development. I hope this new game makes good use of what makes the Wii different from the other consoles instead of just being the first part of a game franchise whose purpose is to end up on the PS3 and 360. I can't help but feel that movie directors are going to be more focused on realistic graphics, which is why I was surprised to hear that Spielberg was developing a Wii title in the first place.

Pheneus4183d ago

I wonder what his title will be like. Maybe a sequel to the way before it's time "Trespasser"? That would be amazing on Wii, what with the first person perspective and all those raptors...