Japan Hardware Sales 23/4-29/4

Here are the hardware sales for Japan, week starting 23rd April, straight from Media Create.

DSL 255,971
Wii 102,522
PSP 33,860
PS3 12,791
PS2 12,584
Xbox360 3,162
GBM 630
GC 167
DS 92

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MaximusPrime4490d ago

why are we interested in this junk?

techie4490d ago

because this is a gaming site, and this is gaming news.

TriggerHappy4490d ago

i was going to say the same thing to him

ericnellie4490d ago

I love my 360 and my PS3 - it hurts to know that neither one is really selling well in Japan! Keep hope alive my ;)

TriggerHappy4490d ago

the ps2 ? wow...The sales are slowly picking up steam. Good news.

techie4490d ago

PS3 has beaten the ps2 every week except two (last week was one of them)

mr_steveo4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

Japan sure do like there own products. But if things were the opposite so we hated there products and loved our own...they would b ruined. Ive always admired them, but they seem kind of blind to products that they dont produce themselves.
Or, simply its them stating our products are old tat lol.

TriggerHappy4490d ago

Thats a fact. I mean they make it and they know how effective and reliable it is, why wont they buy it ? I think other reason as to why the 360 is not doing so well is the vibe surrounding it as not been too reliable. ie. RING OF DEATH

SlippyMadFrog4490d ago

Very untrue, the "ring of death" happens everywhere in the world, not just Japan, if it had a big effect on sales, we would have seen it all over the world.
But I think the main reason is the culture and taste difference. Xbox have a lot of FPS's while the Playstation has more Japanese RPG's. Microsoft have picked this up and started to release more Japanese-like titles like Blue Dragon. As more Xbox japanese style rpg's are released, this gap will close. Or maybe it will never close, who cares (except MS and Sony).

Lumbo4490d ago

i always thought this was INDUSTRY news, not gaming news ....

decapitator4490d ago

all can on, just one of the reasons that make this site the place to be holmes.

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The story is too old to be commented.