Assassin's Creed team: "We've had to redefine development"

Assassin's Creed creative director Patrice Desilets, producer Jade Raymond and technical director Claude Langlais have been discussing the design motives and processes involved when making their new game at Ubisoft Montreal - with Desilets describing the game as "a sports game with swords and free running".

This hybrid concept forms the core of the new game and has meant the development team has had to rethink or rebuild many of its design, production and technical duties - as explained in the cover feature in this month's Develop.

"Our goal is to create a world in which the player can interact with everything with no suspension of disbelief," he Desilets, reasoning: "Place a highly mobile and skilled character in a fully interactive living environment and the possibilities are endless."

Please read on for the full interview.

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TriggerHappy4270d ago

looks amazing and everything but am yet to see what exactly they mean. I demand for more information surrounding this game now.

mcintosh2334270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

i really hope this game rocks, but i get the feeling its gonna just be quite good if you know what i mean, as in not great like it could be.
like if this was an exclusive it would rock but no they've got to be sell outs.
if this was 360 exclusive man i can't imagine how improved the graphics but especially things like the physics would be.
ps3 blows hahahahahahhahahahaha

TriggerHappy4270d ago

going to .... but then i checked your profile and saw that you are new. I wonder why you have so many "bubbles" with comments like that ?

Anyway, exclusive are the deciding factor for this generation's gaming. Is as simple as that. The one with the most exclusives win. Very few games that go multiplatform will be the same on both consoles.

Saint Sony4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Multiplatform games for 360/PS3 are pretty much the same IF they are done at once, but if some game goes multiplatform after being "exclusive" first couple of months, the port is usually lower quality product.

Assassin's Creed was first announced as exclusive to PS3 but later they announced it will be done for both PS3/360. So, I am pretty sure it will be quite similar in both.

TheXgamerLive4270d ago

Funny how these dev.s work.

I loved Thief III Deadly Shadows for my Xbox, I'm hoping a little feel of this game is evident as well, it seems to share some of it's characteristics.

Saint Sony4270d ago

Did not know about this "Project Assassin", but now I know :)

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Firewire4270d ago

Is anyone getting sick of Ubi's hype train!
Every two weeks we have some lame ass story or
terrible looking scans or something. When a dev
hypes a game this much before a launch (and its be hyped
forever now)the game usually sucks.
The game should be at the point were they can show us
in game footage, but still nothing.
My interest in this game is at an all time low!

Saint Sony4270d ago

In game footage? ... yeah google/youtube is so hard to use.

Observer4269d ago

I'm not interested in a game in which the developers don't know want they want from it.

From an Assassin simulation set in the crusades ( think Hitman ) to a PoP styled game, to a "sports game with swords" .. what's next ? A sport-game influenced action-rpg relying on puzzles and horse-racing with occasional stealth interludes and FPS bonus missions ?

Gimme a break, Ubi !

Let's hope it won't be another Daikatana.

lil bush4269d ago

this game should do good both ways........