Pioneer Unveils World's Best Flat Screen TV

Back in January, Pioneer showed at CES a new plasma display panel (PDP) technology that looked as good as the SED prototypes. Pioneer claimed then that the equipment used to determine contrast ratio of displays didn't have enough range to measure their new display and for that reason the company didn't provide a contrast ratio figure. Well, today Pioneer lifted the curtain on this 8th generation plasma technology, launched under the name 'Project KURO' (which means black in Japanese).

The Kuro line-up will be available in 42, 50 and 60-inch screen sizes, in both XGA (available from June) and Full HD (available from September) versions. The 720p panels models will offer a 16,000:1 contrast ratio while the 1080p models will feature a 20,000:1 contrast ratio plus an 'Optimum Mode', which intelligently controls brightness so that you get the best picture, regardless of the lighting conditions.

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Sexius Maximus4489d ago

I thought my Samsung with a 10000:1 contrast ratio was nice.

Chibs4489d ago

I just wonder what the prices for this baby are gonna be like, gonna be in the market for a new TV towards Christmas :D

mcintosh2334489d ago

I'm doing a sponsored oblivion sesh to go towards the most important cause out there.
Just need about 6 grand.
please you will sleep good at night knowing i have the best tv out there

LiquifiedArt4489d ago

Problem with pioneers is there suseptable to burn-in. They areknown for it. :(

gta_cb4489d ago

that sounds really impressive!

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