Are New Apple Macs Coming?

There appears to be a buzz amongst Apple fans that the Mac maker will update its iMac and Mac Mini range of desktop computers as early as next week, ahead of a stock split. This is rumor at the moment but T3 are saying that the current design, unchanged since August 2004, is looking a little long in the tooth.

Also the Mac mini was last refreshed in September, although its update cycle appears to be nearer the eight month mark, so Apple's coming up on its usual period for an update anyway.

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PS360WII4487d ago

they are about to release their new OS

id dot entity4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

Indeed. Leopard is it right?

I'm thinking about buying a Mac. I don't play games anymore on the PC, just on my 360. And since I want to get a job in video-editing I think it's a good step to change from Windows to MacOSX.

dissectionalrr4486d ago

it's not just a good idea.. it's a necessity. i've worked in video production for years and i can't count how many times i've lost IRREPLACABLE video content from using a windows crashbox. one bad e-mail (with a virus) and your reputation, and your income, are gone. that's not something i'd risk on something that is about as reliable as a '73 yugo. go mac, you won't go back.

Neutral Gamer4487d ago

I loved the look of the current iMacs when they came out but now that the iPods have changed from white and shiny to a darker and more matte design, they just don't match the desktops as well as they used to. I remember a rumor a couple of months ago that Apple were gonna release some redesigned iMacs with a more "industrial" look and that they'd be even smaller and slimmer.

Seeing the same design after a bit (hardware and software), no matter how good, does start to get boring. Having new designed desktops along with a new operating system will hopefully revitalise the Mac industry a bit and prove to be just enough to get people to upgrade / buy for the first time.