BioWare "can't commit" to Mass Effect date

RPG developer extraordinaire BioWare has declined to commit to a release date for its 360 sci-fi epic Mass Effect, despite CVG's exclusive report last month that the game is heading for a September release.

The word form BioWare comes from the company's latest IGN blog update, in which it attempts to answer a handful of the community's biting questions. "What's the release date?" One post asked. "Well, we're still at a stage where we can't commit, but stay tuned for future updates!"

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brianodom4483d ago

hmmmm...having trouble fitting it on a disc?

or just the regular run-ins...guess we'll find out the answers at E3

The BS Police4483d ago

They said it themselves that disc space was oncea problem, but thanks to some clever compression it won't be a problem.

snoop_dizzle4483d ago

I just can't wait. Bioware makes some excellent games.

gta_cb4482d ago

yeh looking forward to the release of this game

macr0ss4482d ago

Good, Let them just finish the game and put out a quality product with no worries on time. There are true fans and lots of people waiting for this game to come out and will wait.

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