DS Tops PSP Twice

If you keep up with the Japanese game scene, you'll know how hot the DS is over in Nintendo's home territory. The DS is so hot, in fact, that it wasn't just the number one selling piece of gaming hardware for the first half of 2006, but number two as well!

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Sphinx5923d ago

I'm just about to go buy a DS Lite, but the wife wants it in pink!

SjaakHaas5923d ago


Im thinking of buying a DS Lite to.

I think Nintendo will overrules the PSP within the handheld market, and the 360 will overrule the PS3.... so Sony can say bye bye...

no_more_heroes5920d ago

People don't just buy it because it has playstation/sony on it so wy would they buy a $600+ GAME CONSOLE just because it has Sony/playstation on it?

Sony, I hope you know what you are doing with the PS3. I really really really REALLY want one when it comes out (I want Heavenly Sword, Resistance: Fall of Man, the next Kingdom Hearts, and any game made by Naughty Dog and Insomniac)but $600 !? And $65 for the games !? COME ON!!! Its a game console!! They're not supposed to be that expensive!! All the ones that were in the past failed!! A $400 console with $60 games is expensive enough but that is just pushing it.