Update To Hit LIVE Within The Hour

For all you gamers currently complaining to Microsoft, wondering where the update is you may be in for a shock. Eurogamer has revealed that the latest update should start to appear on the 360 console from 10am (UK Time) onwards today.

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Saint Sony4178d ago

Well it has been up sometime now.

Vo_Cal4178d ago

What happened to the DivX support? I was under the impression that this was in the update... I'm so fukcin pissed man...

sak5004178d ago

Yep, even i was surprised. WTF man. Now even with orb i'm unable to see any videos.

mcintosh2334178d ago

do you mean no avi's cos if it is i am gonna be so PISSED i couldn't care about the other pesh included i was really lookin forward to a media center console

Ban Me4178d ago

Is the HD DVD audio fix in the update? My 360 is back with MS at the moment so I cant check myself.

That's a bit sh1t about the lack of DivX support... if MS want the 360 to be a media hub then they have to allow the most common file types!

Btw, isnt this article wrong? It was posted an hour ago but the update has been live for about 2hrs now.

Elginer4178d ago

no offense but this update sucks ass. I mean come on I thought there was mpeg support and my stuff won't stream, and DivX haha yeah right. That wasn't working either. So all we get is a new marketplace blade, and some freaking chat. LAMERS
I want a browser and something that at least gives the appearance of a community feel to LIVE like HOME. They have LIVE SPACES, add that and make it Xbox Spaces or something and it will work with the ohh what's that now...oh yeah a browser.

RedGr3mlin4178d ago

How to add friends in the 36 msn chat? ,,,, i cant find the ADD buton..

Or isit so lame that you have to ADD your friends thrue the COMP msn and then you only can see them on the 360? ,, if that is the case it,s sooooo lame... and where the hell is the DIV/ x supp? ...

Is this nott the " hole " uppddate?....

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The story is too old to be commented.