Project Sylpheed Preview

Game Arts' Silpheed franchise made its debut on the Sega CD in 1993 with spectacular full-motion video-generated backgrounds and intense shooting action. The company further improved upon the formula by teaming up with the shooting gurus at Treasure to produce Silpheed: The Lost Planet for the PlayStation 2 seven years later. Now Game Arts has returned once more, this time making mincemeat out of enemy vessels with Project Sylpheed (Game Arts changed the spelling) for the Xbox 360. Square Enix released the game in Japan a few months back and U.S. gamers will finally get their hands on the game when Microsoft releases it in July.

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Mysk4184d ago

Just watched the HD version of the first 10 minutes. I gotta say, this game looks sweet.

I had Sylpheed on the SegaCD years ago, and wow has it come a long way. ;) hehe

I'm going to have to get this one.