Command & Conquer 3 coming to PlayStation and Wii?

Gameplayer interviews C&C 3 Senior Producer Mike Glosecki, who discusses the possibilities of PlayStation 3 and Wii versions of the game, as well as the pricing for downloadable content on Xbox Live.

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Pheneus4485d ago

tailor made for the Wii's strengths. The only thing that could be better than this is Starcraft Wii. Of course the inevitable question is, will it support online? If not they shouldn't even bother...

ITR4485d ago

It should.

It would be bad if it didn't.

BIadestarX4485d ago

"We’re still talking with Microsoft about the finer details… They basically make a recommendation on how much we should charge for the content, but the ultimate decision is made on our side."
Finally some developers got balls, to recognize that microsoft should not be blamed when some developer desides to charge for some stupid crap more than they should (i.e. horse armor).

spacetoilet4485d ago

Why fart around with controllers and just make it mouse and keys for ps3?
Just like the pc versions.

mcintosh2334485d ago

may not be as fast as pc but it is just as fun and thats what its all about isn't it.

now i'm just waiting for a proper rts like supreme commander.
(c&c is like a kids rts imo)

P4KY B4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

If this supports a mouse on the PS3 I will buy a PS3.
The 360 version gives me motion sickness.

CrazzyMan4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

and even better, if for MP mouse+keyboard will be default one. :)