Spider-Man 3 Game Reviews In, Activision Shares Dropping

Shares dropped 5.2% yesterday evening after the first game reviews hit the web. If you're yet to take a look at a review of Spider-Man 3 on the Wii, hit this link. The game is, in most expert's opinion, a failure. However, according to a report on,

"Reviews are not as important for a movie-based game. What's more important is how the movie does in theaters."

True this may be, but gamers won't be rushing out to pick up the game if they know it's going to suck, and sales won't be buoyed for long on the back of ignorant consumers. So, where did Activision go wrong?

One reviewer cited cheesy and repetitive voice acting, a glitchy graphics engine, weak content, and a lack of mission variety and depth as the primary causes of death. Tis a shame. Peter Parker would not be proud.

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ITR4485d ago

Thats what happens when you make crap games.

Pheneus4485d ago

what you get when you rush a licensed title to make it for the film release. From what I have heard and read in multiple sources, the game mechanics themselves are not bad, just the bad camera, graphic glitches and collision detection are all crippling. A couple more weeks of bug testing and work, a month's worth at the latest, could have saved this game.

sak5004485d ago

Sigh! Most of the movie tie-ins end up like this.

Cartesian3D4485d ago

that was the LAST chance for developers..


or plz make a good one , and dont put both release date in same day if its not ready.. and atleast make it above average and improve it if u can..

bootsielon4485d ago

Is a game that came about 2 or 3 years after the movie and it is remembered as not only the best movie tie in, but also one of the best FPS EVER, if not the best.

Learn from it.

Extra Guy4485d ago

precisely, a movie tie-in should really not be related to the movie (release wise) at all. If the devs took their time and used the movie concepts then many of the games could have been far far better than they turned out to be *sigh*

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The story is too old to be commented.