Xbox 360 game has a soul crushing ending and hillarious achievement

From Siliconera - "Usually, dating sims end with the protagonist winning a girl or guy. A happy ending with a dream date is the genre's reward. Dream C Club's courting process has players pay to spend time with virtual hostesses in hopes of winning their heart.

But, you can't win Amane! After spending over tens of thousands of virtual yen and dozens of hours trying to woo her a 2ch poster discovered Amane sacks the player in the friend zone by saying "You're my closest friend, aren't you?""

After beating the game and getting dumped you get 10 gamerscore points and the Dream is Over achievement.

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Cloud Strife VII4308d ago

ROD gamerscore points and the Dream is Over achievement.

morganfell4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

Achievement Unlocked - Vegetable Lollipop

You are a sucker for buying this game and braindead for playing it to completion.

Bubble Buddy4308d ago

as John Lennon said; "What can I say, Dream is over."

IdleLeeSiuLung4308d ago

I don't play this type of game, but I remember the ending in Prince of Persia had a nice twisted twist. Most games have a generic ending that I rarely remember so these twists are awesome!!!

Redempteur4308d ago

now that explain the amount of doujins i saw at comiket !

NOw some people want another ending ...

StrboyM4308d ago

to match the crushing rRoD that follows shortly after

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