Star Wars to be Blu-ray Exclusive?

There have been rumors before that the Star Wars trilogies would be appearing on the Blu-ray disc format. But looking at the website it can be seen that there are two pages up for the Blu-ray version of the film trilogies (one for each trilogy) but no equivalent can be found for HD DVD.

There is no current release date for the films and in the availability section it simply says that, "we will e-mail you when this title becomes available". Still if Amazon, of all retailers, have pages up only for the Blu-ray version could they know something we don't?

If it does turns out to be true then Blu-ray and PS3 fans could be celebrating soon as this could be "a catalyst that triggers even larger adoption rates for Blu-ray over HD DVD".

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btkadams4492d ago

if star wars is blu ray exclusive....
well you know what im gonna say..

jahcure4492d ago

Well starwars is produced by 20th century fox and well..we know this is one of the exclusive blu-ray supporters.

LoydX-mas4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

But doesn't Lucasfilm have the actual control of the release of these films, not Fox?
If I remember it took FOREVER for the original trilogy to come out on standard DVD.(Because Lucas himself wanted them to be cleaned up)

-I support HD-DVD but this is a series that would make me buy a Blu-ray player!

Leathersoup4491d ago

I've purchased all the starwars I'm going to in my lifetime. Too many versions/formats. I'm done.

Phlapp4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

LOL George Lucas is the Master at selling people something they already have. Stand by for the individual film Blu-Ray releases, then the box set trilogy with 'never before seen' footage, then the Dolby True-HD version, then the Widescreen Dolby True-HD Blu-ray with 'never before seen' footage in a different box then.....

(You get my drift)

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Bigmac5734492d ago

teh 360s iz finnishid!


Seriously, there are other movies besides Star Wars, right?

Kyur4ThePain4492d ago

This has NOTHING to do with the 360, so fu(k off.

TheExecutive4492d ago

i think he was joking... seriously though.

Leathersoup4491d ago

The Xbox 360 is not married to HD-DVD folks. If HD-DVD does not succeed they can always put out a Blu-ray player for it. Seriously. I thought that was one of the better ideas in their design. They weren't forcing a format.

Why o why4491d ago

@Leathersoup How much do you think that will cost ms bruva. suppose they could drop hddvd like they did the 1st xbox

Leathersoup4491d ago

It's a separate piece of hardware. If the HD-DVD format fails altogether, it wouldn't make sense for them to continue making a player for that format, would it.
Designing a Blu-Ray player to function with the Xbox360 wouldn't exactly be a difficult thing to do.

San anto4491d ago

"If HD-DVD does not succeed they can always put out a Blu-ray player for it."

After all the stuff theyve said about blu-ray i cant see them swallowing their pride and come crawling back.

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Phantom_Lee4492d ago

Fox = Blue Ray only....
is this even new?

Lord Anubis4492d ago

well, there's a lot of star wars fans out there. HD version would go well with them. So the studio is FOX?

shysun4491d ago

Im one of those fans.I can't wait for these movies.:)

ITR4492d ago

Um duh!?

Fox is on board with BR.

New content? Probably not. (Unless they include Droids or Ewoks cartoons)

I mean every episode already comes on 2 DVD's.
One for the movie and one for all the extra's.

I have SW on LaserDisc..never owned a player but I like SW stuff.
I still want the VHS copies.

I might buy these just for the hell of it.

Fox where the hell is the SW TV series!???

tethered4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

"Fox where the hell is the SW TV series!???"
Ever heard of "jumping the shark?"

If they ever made a Star Wars TV series it would for sure end all coolness left in the Star Wars realm.

I believe there was an Ewoks TV series at one time. Didn't last long.

Crap! I did a quick search and its looking like its in the making.

ITR4492d ago

The TV series is suppose to broadcast at 720p.

I'm still hoping for 3 more movies.

Though I would love a stand alone movie with Boba Fett and the bounty hunters.

CaliGamer4491d ago

What are you looking for specifically because I am looking to get rid of them.

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