Wii price/launch date WILL be announced in September.

Seems like Nintendo does pay attention to what gaming sites have to say about them, or at least they pay attention to CNN. It is almost too convenient that Nintendo makes a statement one day after rumors surface stating the Wii could launch as early as September. A few weeks back we heard that Nintendo plans to announce the Wii launch date/price by September, but a clarification has come from Nintendo.

"There's no change in our plan to release the console in the last quarter of this year. We are planning an announcement in September and it may be causing some confusion.'' - Yasuhiro Minagawa, spokesperson for Nintendo Co. Ltd.

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TheMART6172d ago

I think I'll have one just for fun besides my 360.

For the moments that I want to swing the stick with golf or tennis. And then back to Gears of War and chainsawing monsters. Oh yes and for the same amount of money for one PS64...

TheMART6172d ago

And talking about Wii60 and no PS watch this link:

NJ1307RS6172d ago

I'll probably buy it along side my PS3 just for fun.
Maybe I'll get an xbox 360 when it gets Blu-ray and the Price drops.

Marriot VP6172d ago

250 or 300 bucks, because of the many accessories that come with it.

PS3sux360inchWiiWii6171d ago

Imagine reserving it... this is gonna get insane, possibly ugly?

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