PS3: Rampart This Week

Tomorrow morning, the folks at Sony Online Entertainment will announce that its HD remake of Midway's classic tactical actioner, Rampart, will be available on the PlayStation Store on May 10. The game's release makes this the second week in row in which SOE has unveiled a new downloadable PS3 product for the PlayStation Store.

For the unfamiliar, Rampart was originally released in the arcades in 1990 and charged its players with the task of building a castle with various pieces to protect their own territory. Strategically placing cannons and blasting their opponent's competing stronghold apart is what victory was all about.

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XxZxX4487d ago

Readddyyyy... AIm....... fire.......................Cea se fire..

TheExecutive4487d ago

now we can play rampart in 1080P... lol.

kmis874487d ago

I guess this means we'll be even more aware of how pixelated it looks?

PS360WII4487d ago

I'm not sure what they were going for with this one. It's old school but high def! that's an oxymoron...

The Snake4487d ago

They do that all the time on X360.

PhinneousD4487d ago

they should have revamped the graphics cuz the ugly hurts my eyes.