The 4 Idiots of Video Game A.I.

Go Gaming writes: Artificial intelligence in a video game is merely a blanket phrase that describes how well an enemy adapts to fighting you. Early examples can be seen in computer chess programs. These days, technology has developed to a point that video game designers can create fairly intuitive monsters and other baddies who can fight you in a fairly intelligent way. Although, even in today's not-quite-flying-car-but-we're-getting-there technoworld, developers from time to time screw the proverbial pooch upon crafting their antagonists. The following are the four idiotic models of video game artificial intelligence.

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Go Gaming Giant4311d ago

thanks man, the article is so true though

Blaze9294311d ago

Call of Duty World at War AI sucks terribly. On veteran they don't know where you are to come in person...but can magically throw 100 grenades at once at your exact location. GRENADA FEST!

QuantumWake4310d ago

I dont like the Call Of Duty AI. On veteran, it feels like the enemies just have stopping power........... x100.

locos854310d ago

Totally Agree about the AI in COD: WAW. Game pissed me off so bad. My squad was just shooting at rocks directly on front of them while, every single enemy shot at me if I peaked out at all, while beeing Tom Brady and landing hundreds of nades at my feet.

mastiffchild4310d ago

What about the AI on the shiper across the road in those appartments in WaW? I thought he was pretty hard on the lower diffs on the PS3 version and nearly impossible on veteran as he seemed to know exactly WHEN you'd move an inch and drop you with one shot every time even though Gaz Oldman's Russian would tell you off all the time for just scraping him!

THEN, however, I played it on the Wii(yes the Wii)and the guys even tougher! Took me an age to fluke it past him. That guys psychic-even when you see him sticking his helmet on a stick up to fool you and you know where he's hoing he still kills you before it's possible to get a shot off let alone aim one! I'm not the worlds best FPS player but even so it shouldn't be THAT hard should it? Felt like there were three of him at one point.

Kind of makes it even worse that your teammates are useless and just stand there shooting grass and buildings-why couldn't we have the clever, psychic one?

locos854310d ago

Ohh I forgot about that *****. I was on that one objective for hours. It was incredible how he shot me whenever I moved, but supposedly he was running around different windows.

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Fullish4311d ago

Mario AI sucks as well, goombas just happily walk off a cliff.

Go Gaming Giant4311d ago

hahah your right, stupid goombas lol

PS3is4D4311d ago

The Goomba's may have the dumbest A.I. but they are just hilarious to watch but sometime in our lives we all have run into some goombas and have died, lol!

Seven_ate_Nine4310d ago

What truly ironic/hilarious is the fact that goombas have the most basic and stupid AI of all time and yet they manage to kill you so many times!

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stewie328874311d ago

I'm a big fan of the human turret myself.

AKA: the guy who stands in one spot shooting at you whilst you pop him in the head.

Go Gaming Giant4311d ago

yep for sure one of the most annoying

Peter North4311d ago

Master Queef, Marcus Kleenex, Bear&Bird, and Alan Wait.

tehReaper4310d ago

Characters from games you wish the PS3 had.

DominusRebellis4310d ago

You mean they actually program idiot AI? All this time I thought they just mimicked the typical XCOX fan. Golly Gee!

Obama4310d ago

"Characters from games you wish the PS3 had. "

yeah I wish the ps3 has a retarded bear and chicken, a power ranger, and a ex-con who take roids.

Mr Face Creamer4310d ago

If course, but Kratos the "badass" and Sev are seriously well developed-characters.


Obama4310d ago

Sev is not, but Kratos is definitely badass.

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jack who4311d ago

play the guy in the pic on insane mode than come back and tell me his an ldiot ai

Pandamobile4311d ago

Difficulty settings doesn't make the AI smarter. They just do more damage.

jack who4311d ago

if thats what you believe then play the guy in the pic on insane mode than come back and tell me his an ldiot ai

Saaking4311d ago

Harder difficulty increases the damage you take from enemies. It may make them a little bit smarter but mostly it just increases their damage/ decreases your health.

DavidMacDougall4311d ago

I have played that guy in the pic on insane, he got stuck on the wall hes suppost to walk around so me and my friend just blind fired him until he died. Think they would have patched it but i guess they dont really care.

Saaking4311d ago

Gears and glitches go hand in hand.

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