ThePlaystationShow Podcast Episode 65

On this weeks episode of The PlayStation Show Podcast they talk about the merits of The Force Unleashed. Should people be playing it and is the DLC worth their time.? Lines in the sand are drawn with lightsabers in hand. A couple of the host breakdown Batman Arkham Asylum. Find out what they think about the game and why the demo didn't do it justice. They also hit on ZEN Pinball. flOw, and Madden Co-Op. That and much more on this weeks edition of The PlayStation Show Podcast. Thanks for downloading and listening, enjoy!

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donnaluke20034041d ago

I must be a weird kinda girl. Love the humor of these guys. Great show this week!

hamsterfist4041d ago

Hey thanks.... We love having your listenership.

ediddy9994041d ago

I love the humor too, it's almost like I'm making some of this stuff up. Weird.

hamsterfist4041d ago


That is weird.

bsmith32584040d ago

Donna you should join our community site. Thank you for the comment here though.

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