Poem hides new game

Earlier this evening Eurogamer were accosted by a well-known developer in a dark alley. Or possibly an email. They thrust a mysterious piece of parchment into their hands and told them that their readers held the key to deciphering it.

Apparently the poem below holds the secret to a new game announcement, and if you can unlock the clues you can follow the Internet highway to the source of the information. They're not supposed to help you, which is good, because they're all idiots.

Before the figure scurried out of our sight he (or she, perhaps) left them with one final thought:

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Pheneus4490d ago

to get viral ad interest from the masses. Cryptic messages always go over well with the gaming public.

Neutral Gamer4490d ago

That is pretty cool, sounds like something from the Da Vinci Code. I just hope it isn't an anti-climax. Viral campaigns are always extremely popular, the only problem is that it brings our expectations up massively and a lot of times it ends up being a disappointment.

Let's hope that's not the case and this ends up being the definitive Thundercats game that I know you've ALL been waiting (well, anyone growing up in the 80's) rather than another Tetris clone or something!

VirtualGamer4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

I actually think this might be God of War 3 but I have been unable to solve the puzzle.

Why I think its God of War 3 is the following clue. The letters points to three cities of Gaia

Gaia is Greek goddess personifying the Earth.

Gaia, portrayed as a giant Titan, the embodiment of earth and nature, is a major character in the video game God of War II, in which it is revealed that Gaia was the narrator of the first God of War, though she took no active role in it.

Gaia, One of the Titans, and connected to all things of the Earth. Along with the other Titans, she was banished in the War of the Titans, and seeing Kratos' quest for revenge on Zeus, offers to lend her power to his cause, she helps Kratos throughout his journey in hopes that together they can bring about the fall of Olympus. She was the narrator in the original God of War game.

The fact that I have not been able to solve it could indicate I am not on the right track

Torch4490d ago

was also the first thing that popped into my head upon initial glance.

However, I cannot recall any reference to dragons in Greek mythology.

In addition, there are numerous phrases in French; if true to the theme, this doesn't quite fit with GoW, as Greek mythology comes across as quite heavily ethnocentric.

Could the French be a reference to Ubisoft?...though I think the line at the footer of the note is in German...or perhaps what they want us to believe...and of course there's English, as well as some obscure symbols.

By the way, I just saved the imaged so that I can enlarge it in Photoshop...upon doing so, I noticed that the file is named:

"ss_preview_mysteriouspo em.jpg"

...can anyone suggest what the "ss" may stand for?

I have a strong hunch that those four lines are anagrams.

(oh goes my sound night's sleep...this better not be a hoax!...)

Lord Anubis4490d ago

" They're not supposed to help you, which is good, because they're all idiots. "

yes we are, have anyone tried properties?

ITR4490d ago


4 is repeated a lot.

Which makes me think this is the 4th game in the series.
I see 4 languages too..but I can't read them all.

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The story is too old to be commented.