Pachter: Possible 500GB Xbox 360, Price Cuts, SKUs and Thoughts on 360 "Slim"

Xbox Evolved writes:

"Wedbush Morgan game-centric analyst weighs in on these topics and speculates on a 500GB hard drive for 360 and why that's possible."

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Blaze9295434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

it truly amazes me why and how you continue to raise so many bubbles each time with such stupid comments. Everytime I see you (usually the first in a xbox related article just to bash them) you have even more bubbles than the last time.

Saaking5434d ago

It's because he's the funniest guy on N4G. Get a sense of humor.

Blaze9295434d ago

or you mean get a sense of fanboy so I can laugh along?

HarukoHex5434d ago

Yet if any one of us 360 owners made a "funny" statement about the ps3 in your articles you end up with 1 bubble. T_T

JasonPC360PS3Wii5434d ago

I like how Peter North refreshes the pending section every 5 minutes all day long. It's allways him thats first to comment and he says the same thing over and over. Thats just sad to lurk around N4G for 16hrs (a gaming site) playing no games.

Kill Crow5427d ago

As a test, I setup an account called droid_in_denial a few months back, did some sarcastic xbox bashing, and in a single day I went up to 9 bubbles ....

this site is really News for PS3 bloogers .... nothing more .... the bubble system was a good idea, but it's been taken advantage of now ... don't get me wrong, if there were more xbox fans than PS3 it would exactly the same, i.e. xbox fan boys would have more bubbles than PS3 fan boys ... so IMO, they should just remove the bubble system altogether.. .. it's a waste of time

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Blaze9295434d ago

Well that sure as hell seems more likely than a 1TB HDD that was rumored.

A Natal SKU seems pretty much likely at this point the way Microsoft wants to launch it (like a new console launch). 2.5" SATA HDDs are always dropping in price and by next year they'll be even cheaper.

FamilyGuy5434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

I thought the rumor was about a 250Gb HDD? Or was that confirmed/not a rumor?

It's funny he'd "predict" that there won't be a slim 360 AFTER M$ already said there wouldn't be and most of us already believed there wouldn't be. M$ has revised the 360 twice already so an exterior revision seems out of the picture. I still think the PS3 will see another revision to it's exterior as this slim is just a re-branding and "PSThree" would be the name of the true slimmed down model based on their history.

Reibooi5434d ago

Personally i think this guy is a moron. While in this case it seems that some of his predictions are good it's stuff that's pretty much common sense and anyone could figure out. Don't need to be a analyst.

He has said so many things that we SO wrong that I don't really believe anything he says anymore. Unless it's something I already guessed before he ever even said it.

morganfell5434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

He is a moron...and rarely correct about anything. 500GB drives for less than $80 have been available since last year. 250 GB drives for less than $80 have been around even longer. The fact is MS has been sticking it to 360 owners for quite some time.

I just ordered a 500GB drive to upgrade my Slim and paid $78.

IdleLeeSiuLung5433d ago

I can't exactly say the same for many random blog sites we get here. For $10 anyone can have a blog site.

FarEastOrient5433d ago

If it is $149.99 for 120GB HDD for the Xbox 360, how much are they going to charge us for a 500GB HDD. I need a bigger HDD but I'm not sure if I want to pay something that is again overpriced.

njr5433d ago

Why in the hell would MS do this when they can rip consumers off with smaller hard drives? Until Sony decides to release a PS3 with 500 gigs of space, I don't see it.

Syronicus5433d ago

Because if it is it just seems like a waste of space. I have the 120 and have plenty of room. What is it that people would need 500 gig for?

agentace5433d ago

Sony wont/dont need to release a 500gb PS3 becuase they`ve designed it so you can do it yourself, i`ve got a 500gb PS3 and it was as easy as changing the memory card on a PS2

Arthur_5433d ago

And why is he sleeping in my bed?


Pachter, Pachter, Pachter, tsk tsk. The Speculation King. He's like the Jewish version of HHG.

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Peter North5434d ago

This line should be printed on every Xbox 360 box.

ElementX5434d ago

"I may contain traces of flop" should be at the end of every Peter North comment.

Peter North5434d ago

If he starts barking, you have RROD.

ElementX5434d ago

If you have a dog, place Peter North in front of his face. Your dog would rip North's head off.

Saaking5434d ago

Wow, more memory.... 360 is at it's end. Let's just watch it crumble and die....literally.