IGN: Demon's Souls Screenshots

Screenshots of Demon's Soul.

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Peter North4906d ago

Looks like a fantastic Ps3 AAA exclusive.

XDF4906d ago (Edited 4906d ago )

All the usual PS3 Fanboy suspects like Peter North, Saaking, and Bob Marley trying to beat each other to see which one will post the lamest comment first. Peter North, congratulation, you won again.

This game will be like $20 at Walmart in like 2 months after release.

raztad4906d ago (Edited 4906d ago )

Thanks for you kind words. I must say your comments are not the brightest either.

BTW. Sales =/= quality. And fyi this RPG already sold more than the flops on the RROD box.

Tee7soo4906d ago

i need this game now !

Chubear4906d ago

One of three full disc games I'm hoping to be getting for this Christmas period.

raztad4906d ago


I already have it preordered just in case. I heard Atlus always allocates very few copies, so I'm making sure I wont be the one left out and alone in the cold.

I skipped Batman:AA, not saying game is bad or something but it got nothing I can't wait to play so it will be a 2010 purchase for me.

Uncharted 2 and R&C:ACiT are both day one but I still need to beat some games I already own, and catch up with some old but must haves, like UC1 and Dead Space.

SnuggleBandit4906d ago

ya i'm workin on dead space right now...i have a couple questions about demon's souls it exclusive
2.whats the premise

raztad4906d ago


1. YES

2. It's a dark Action-RPG

Check out Eurogamer review of the import version

Sarcasm4906d ago

Also note that it's supposed to be really really hard.

I'm looking foward to this too. I hope it's hard because it's hard, and not cheap like Ninja Gaiden.

guitarded774906d ago

This game has me very intrigued.

Proxy4906d ago

I enjoyed the euro-gamer review, especially the part about how the game makes you fearful of dying.

I've never really played a dungeon crawler, and playing a genre after a long break is always a great experience.

MNicholas4906d ago

but gameplay sounds uncompromised and hence I'm much more excited about this game than any other action game. God of War, COD, etc... I find boring. Based on Eurogamer's review this just sounds absolutely compelling.

Too bad about the visuals. The designs are creative and they've done well to craft an immersive atmosphere but perhaps we have to wait for the sequel for true PS3 quality graphics to match the gameplay.

Myze4906d ago


The only time the game is "cheap" is if you accidentally run off a ledge somewhere, which you will probably do quite often at first. I'm not even sure if that's cheap though, because you will learn to easily avoid doing it.

The game is so hard because it is VERY unforgiving. Most of the monsters in the game will kill you in a couple of hits, a big chunk will kill you in one hit if you aren't a plate wearing class (lighter armor makes you run/roll faster). It requires a lot of dodging and blocking and counter attacking, but it's not really twitch based. You just need to learn how the enemies act so you know when and how to dodge/block/counter their attacks.

I've almost beat the first playthrough (have played it off and on for several months now), but haven't done the new game+ stuff, where I hear it is even harder, but of course you will have much better equipment/spells. I find it satisfyingly difficult, but not quit playing in frustration (DMC3 hardest mode, for example) difficult. Great game for the gameplay. Just don't expect much from the storyline, even though it is an RPG.

40cal4906d ago

Hell yeah, got the collectors edition paid in full, just waiting on 10/17 to get here.

This game is gorgeous, the whole your dead and have to kill to collect souls to get back to life is awesome. The online integration is very cool, and if you die, you loose everything you gained until you make it back to that point. This game is going to be crazy.

Chubear4906d ago

This why it's appealing to me. It's known to have a high difficulty challenge to it and as an ol' school gamer that turns me on. Too many game being side lined cause their challenging to newage gamers; always labeling any game with challenge as "BROKEN!"

ThanatosDMC4906d ago (Edited 4906d ago )

I'll tell y'all right now that it's not a game for everyone. It's an uphill battle. It's not a hill but what you'll be trying to climb on would be some sort of slippery acid and it'll frustrate you till you get it right.

Expect to die in your first 10-15 hours A LOT if you dont walk with your shield up and if you dont manage your stamina properly and if you're not using your weapons properly... heck anything properly.

If you die in your body, you "revive" in soul form with 50% of your max health -- or 70% with Cling Ring on -- and all enemies will get stronger due to World Tendency going to Black.

@ Sarcasm

You might think it's hard because everything will be going against you and you're not as nimble as you would want. Fire fat bastard are a b!tch especially if you get hit on the back. Their Black Phantom counterparts are impossible to fight 2 on 1 on hit is fatal.

FamilyGuy4906d ago

It's an "action rpg" okay, but is it safe to say it's like Champions of Norrath? Except n third person and with some huge boss enemies? I've been interested in this game for a while but really wish I could play it before risking $60 on a game I might not end up liking.

ThanatosDMC4905d ago

Yeah, if they ever come out with a demo, i suggest people that are interested in getting the game to try it out first. It'll be a frustrating and it can turn off a lot of people that hates to die and start all over again from the beginning.

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Saaking4906d ago

Can't wait. Yet another AAA PS3 TRUE exclusive.

raztad4906d ago

Definitely AAA. Even the fanbots at acknowledged game is awesome. Hard game but awesome. Already preordered.

Christopher_Walken4906d ago

Plot twist: I am actually the antagonist.

Typical-Guy4906d ago

I really want to get this game,but there are many better games to pick up instead.
I hate it when developers release the games to one region only.

MelaDarkwood4906d ago

You could easily import it in English from China for the same amount you would buy it in a store. I paid $65 each for two copies. That includes the shipping. Still, if you don't mind waiting, it's coming out everywhere else later this year. (I think? If not this year then soon.) It's definitely worth the money/time you spend on it. I've already put 50+ hours in the game, and I still haven't finished it yet.

Typical-Guy4906d ago

Maybe later, now I'm waiting for the one and only Uncharted2,borderlands and OFP: Dragon Rising.

Myze4906d ago


While I'm sure there is a reason and I just don't know it, it really makes me wonder why in the world it has taken so long to get released in the US. Other than the game box and instruction manual, the Korean and Chinese versions of the game are 100% in English: voice acting, menus, subtitles, item names, everything. Taking a long time to localize it when all they need to change are the manual and cover.

Again though, I'm sure there is a good reason and I just don't know it. Is it because Ubisoft is publishing it in the US and Sony published it in Japan/China/Korea?

TheBand1t4906d ago

Atlus is publishing it, not Ubi.

Myze4906d ago

ugh, I knew that. Why did I say Ubi? Thanks for the correction.

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