Call of Duty 3 Gameplay Footage

Some gameplay footage from Activision's Call of Duty 3. This footage comes from the Xbox 360 version, but the PS3 versions should look about the same. However reports that the PS3 version will sport a few extra light sources among other minor visual flourishes.

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beaucauchemar5456d ago

Is it just me or does this look exactly like Call of Duty 2 (for 360)?

I'm tired of these WWII 1st person games making you feel like a floating/gliding orb behind the stock of a gun. Aim down. Can you see your legs and feet? Where's that element of realism (besides in Condemned)? For some reason, this characteristic is always more aparent to me in the WWII games.

beaucauchemar5456d ago

Nobody agrees with me? C'mon. Throw me a bone here.

TheMART5455d ago

On this small screen it may look the same, but it isn't.

Specially watch the explosions and look at the bullets hit the buildings and so on. Also the possibilities in fighting, with the gun to have personal fights. It just all looks more polished.

4 x FSAA will be done also in this part better I think.

This will be better for sure, and it's still an early build. I am looking foreward to this one again!

TiTuS5455d ago

I agree, why do game developers not add the legs, and only add them inn games that really dont need them....

USMChardcharger5456d ago

i was speaking to my wife about this yesterday after a battle on CoD2. saying that the only thing left is to get more detailed in is the hand to hand combat (hand to hand situations happen a lot more than most people think).

bayonet and combat knife's play a big part of the hand to hand picture as well.

glad to see they are putting this i thought the last game my hands sweat...this ought to get crazy.

THELANDSOFSAND5456d ago (Edited 5456d ago )

this looks great! i can't wait until i can play this on Live!

though i don't see why the PS3 has extra light sources, that is lame. the 360 is more than capable of all the real time lighting, so why not develop it equally?

shotty5455d ago

What is extra light source?

pRo loGic II5456d ago

Because maybe that's the edge PS3 has on 360 or it could be a trade off for a more complex online feature with the 360 who know's.


thats what i am saying, there is no good reason to not have the same light sources, because that is not an area of processing that the PS3 has a edge in.

THAMMER15456d ago

There will be more CGI. !LOL! Sorry I could not help it. !LOL!

TitanXX5456d ago

I mean it may be that thier is an edge PS3 has over the 360 that you don't no about. COme on we all no the PS3 is more powerful especailly the developers. Are you a developer? NO , so don't say that the 360 is capable when itr probably is'ent. The 360 is great but it dosen't mean it could do everything the PS3 can or even the Wii.

THAMMER15456d ago

But you know what vibration was one of the sweetest effects too. The atmospheric effects they speak of will be small not even dynamic enough to mention. Fundamentally it will be the same game but lacking the immersion of vibration. Funs is what really matters but remember brand loyalty can be fatal this generation of consoles.