David Jaffe to "JUST SHUT THE F--- UP for the next 6 months"

Developer David Jaffe has had enough of being misrepresented on the internet, and has promised to see if he can "JUST SHUT THE F- UP for the next 6 months" as a result.

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DasBunker4312d ago

how about some twisted metal jaffe?

gamesR4fun4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

Jaffe I love hearing from you man i aint the only one. Sure I dont agree with your 'alleged' view on used games. But man you've been in on some great games and your gonna bring us even more. So dont stop twitering now and then over this bs. It'll b forgotten just as fast as it happened anyways.

morganfell4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

It ain't so. he promised he was going to do this before. Now he is walking away butthurt making the same promise...again. It makes him look like a sore loser. Mama always said stupid is as stupid does.

He can't keep a good promise for 5 minutes but he will keep a bad one forever.

He also needs to quit crying he is being misrepresented. AAll people are doing is quoting context.

Stinkinmushroom4312d ago

FINALLY!!! That guy talks way too much and it's never something concrete

Lifendz4311d ago

Jaffe knows games are expensive. He's not saying people shouldn't have the right to buy a used game. He's not saying Gamestop or whomever shouldn't sell used games. But he is saying that those stores should give something back to the devs?

Sorry but that sounds like mob tactics to me. Threatening to go to DD to get around this is an empty threat. Unless MS and Sony start selling their hardware directly off their own websites they still have to appease the brick and mortar stores. So they'll release a game and charge the same price for both the physical copy and the digital one.

I don't know about you but if a game is 19.99 for the physical copy and 19.99 for the electronic one, I'm opting for the physical copy. I can take it over a friend's house, I don't have to worry about not being able to download it for whatever reason in the future should the file get damaged, etc.

The solution to me is an internal one. Get these games out for 39.99-49.99 on average. Only games like Modern Warfare should cost 59.99. You do that and I think the used game market will take a substantial hit.

edhe4311d ago

The used market is good - when it's not from retail. People are making money off other people's work for zero risk and high gain. The people that own the IP are getting shafted.

Films for instance, they get their time in the cinema, on rental, on pay per view, on premium channels then finally onto terrestial. For games it's like they have the cinema release only, then it's straight to nothing.

IMO the industry needs to stop the silly markups that you get in B&M second hand sales and start paying a reasonable % back to the publishers & devs. If you want to stay private go to ebay.

It will only help the industry if some of the cash that people use to buy second hand gets back to the folk that deserve it.

As for Jaffe...yeah he really should have learned to quit when he was ahead.

Bnet3434311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

What the hell Jaffe? Everytime I look up, he's arguing with an idiot on the internet. He's not making God of War 3, so what is he doing? Look, the guy one of the cooler devs. He's not afraid to speak his mind, but FFS, why doesn't he shut up and go to work instead of dealing with douchbags on the net? What developer argues with people OVER THE INTERNET? Think about that for a minute on how ridiculous that sounds. Assholes are everywhere on the internet, why is Jaffe putting up with this? Yeesh ... come on man, I expected better from you Jafs ....

GCNSean4311d ago

Maybe instead of Twittering every 5 seconds he should get Twisted Metal done for the PS3...

ThanatosDMC4311d ago

Well, i did write several times that this guy talks too much for his own good.

WenisWagon4311d ago

In other words, the bosses at Sony said if he keeps making stupid statements he will get fired.

Millah4311d ago

moral of this story, 99% percent of people on the internet are douchebags and its not even worth the time arguing with them. people online just have an amazing sense of self-entitlement like everyone owes them the world, and its pathetic.

Jaffe lets his emotions take control a little too much. Just learn to ignore the idiots online, it does no good trying to explain things to them no matter how wrong they are.

Tony P4311d ago

I didn't really think Jaffe was totally in the right. The other guy had valid points as well.

But they argued them like spastic idiots over the net with FUs and STFUs. It is not that hard to be civil in disagreement. A professional man needs to learn PR. I've got nothing against the guy being social and all that, but you've got to learn that when the attention is on you, you're representing more than yourself.

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Kamikaze84312d ago

jaffe shutting up? impossible.

Kamikaze84312d ago

after reading his twitter argument story, I do agree with him.
I mean GameStop does scrap off of the games industry after developers and publishers do all the work of making the game.

Christopher_Walken4312d ago

The guy has some very valid points but his mouth tends to get him into trouble.

Love his games though.

mastiffchild4311d ago

With GS being evil to us gamers it's an easy way to try and garner sympathy with us, isn't it?

The fact is NO other industry has the bare faced cheek to ask for percentages of the second hand sales of what's aleady been bought once and made them money. I think it's up to people like Jafe to make games so good/replayable/with great online or DLC so we want to keep their games and not trade them against the next thing.

As for GS and Co yes they rip US off over the rates they give for trades and then the price they charge for second hand goods but the thing is that they're beiong squeezed by DD themselves so why shouldn't they make what they can get away with? It's up to us not to use them for pre owned and buy from fellow gamers but devs have NO right to demand a second payment for games being sold on-if the games are too weak to demand keeping THEY haven't done their job well enough and I can't believe they think it's us that owes them when this wouldn't even get mentioned by anyone in another industry.

We gamers must be soft to consider he even has any point here! Without us buying games in the first place they'd be out of a job and Jaffe lives better than I do and, I'm certain, most of us here so, on this score, he should shut up. When will people stop trying to make us pay more all the time?

Usually I like Jaffe but this is greedy in my book but I don't want him to stop all his rantinga!

spooky2054311d ago

your arguements seem valid to a certain degree. but in all essence games are software attached to a physical medium. there is no more money to be made after its initial sale. Places like Gamestop offer horrible prices on your used games which they probably made a good profit before when you first bought them. then they in turn offer the used games at ridiculous markup almost at full retail when a person goes to buy a new game. There were countless times where GS employees asked me to purchase the used copy of the game i wished to purchase new. Gamestop is effectively reducing the amount of brand new video games sold and is in essence ruining its business relationships with the developers. Developers arent turning as much profit as they would hope so they cut back to avoid budget overspending and produce inferior games. at the same time Gamestop is screwing with its customers too by offering a huge markup on used games while laughing to the bank. I think its a very valid point that jaffe made that devs are having trouble due to GS policies. i dont think devs should get a extra cut on used video game sales, but i do believe Gamestop should get better policies if it wishes to be supported in the future by the gaming industry. As of now i officially banned Gamestop. I can always find the games i want anyway at a smaller private owned game store owned by fellow gamers themselves, willing to tell me what games are worth my time and even offer to let me have a swing at them before purchasing provided they have a opened copy. Play and Trade in Hampton Cove, i salute you as being the ultimate video game shop.

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SpaceInsomniac4312d ago

That's a darn shame to think of Jaffe stopping his blog for six months over some stupid argument with someone over twitter. Even when I disagree, I always like hearing what David Jaffe has to say.

ElementX4312d ago

About time he shuts up.

kaveti66164312d ago

I doubt he will keep quiet for six months. It's like if I promised to not eat a cheeseburger for that amount of time. By the end of the second month he will understand that he has severely underestimated just how long 6 months is, and he will go back to blogging. As he should. I mean, people who would claim that Jaffe is the biggest douchebag or whatever clearly have not met people like ReallyDuH, WhyDis, or NelsonM.

SpaceInsomniac4312d ago

If you read the story, Jaffe says that he's going to give a free game to the first three people who call him on breaking his promise, if he goes back to blogging or twitter before six months is up. I told this to a friend, who said "well, it sounds like three people are going to be getting free games."

Either way, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.