Nintendo to Blame for Lack of Online Play in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Wii Edition

Wii fans are about to be treated to the Wii-created Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, which releases later this month. AMN had the chance to talk to the game's producer, Shaun Himmerick, about the upcoming Wii fighter. Below, you'll find our interview with him, where he goes into detail as to why Activision decided to re-create Armageddon on Wii rather than create a totally new Mortal Kombat game, why the game doesn't have online play and much more.

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Pheneus4490d ago

just as much as any other gamer born before 1987 but if they don't get their online situation straightened out they are going to lose tonnes of business. Developers are going to get tired of having to explain every time their games have poor to no online connectivity at all. Gamers on the average are not going to buy crippled games just so they can waggle their controller around. I love what EA did with Madden on Wii. For my money the controls really did improve that game infinetly. That said, it was a hard choice to make between those controls vs. online multiplayer and substantially better graphics. In the future I really think online and graphics will win out when dealing with cross platform. If the sales aren't there, the cross platform support will die along with it and Nintendo will end up in a similar position to that of their past two generations. Smarten up Nintendo, you have the possibility of really taking your share of the market. Don't screw it up.

Maddens Raiders4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

Spaghettio...."Developers are going to get tired of having to explain every time their games have poor to no online connectivity at all."

You failed to mention godawful graphics and games made for people who ride see-saws and jump off big yellow bus' at 3:30 every week, but a lot of people say they don't care about graphics, just as long as it's "fun". Well graphics make a fun game nearly incapable of being put down. Enter in a connectivity problem, and maybe a burgeoning image problem (with the wii only), and there's a small recipe for outmoded disaster. When you have a product like this and you're not willing to make sacrifices to improve the power / graphics w/e then you leave yourself open and sucseptible to attack ina crucial area. The wii is not considered part of the "Nex-gen" race imho. Maybe their next one, but not his one. This is all about the controller -- after that, then what? It's up to the PS3 and 360's to continue to move us into uncharted territory. That's my take.

PS360WII4490d ago

but madden it's always been about the controler for Nintendo. When have they made a system that used the last ones? They did improve all of the features just not to the extent as the others. I do hope with the next round of consoles they do incorporate the extream. Lord knows they have the money now.

Okay back on topic. Yeah what's the deal with this online thingy! We get that you don't feel online gaming is esenssial to the masses Nintendo but throw us minorities a bone here and show us what you can do with online multiplayer action! Do we have to wait another year or two before you guys start to let devs use your online. Which isn't even yours Nintendo needed to use gametap or whichever to get online...

We know that not many use online for the DS but it's a handheld. Who wants to wait in a lobby till someone joins your game when you only have a bus ride to play it?

ItsDubC4490d ago

I thought it was already well-known that this MK won't have online because Nintendo hadn't released its online dev tools to 3rd parties until recently. I don't know if Nintendo did this because they want to reserve online capability to their in-house dev teams or because the online infrastructure hadn't been finalized yet (which I think is the more likely situation considering the fairly-recent news that Gamespy is the one to handle Wii online capabilities) but regardless, the online gaming situation right now w/ the Wii is pretty much nonexistent (Japan has online-enabled Pokemon). W/ Mario Strikers set to release this month in Europe w/ online gameplay, it looks like the Wii is FINALLY starting to get w/ the program.