Top 25 Reasons to Ditch Microsoft

Over the past few weeks, we've given you excellent reasons to stop supporting both Sony and Nintendo. Well, now it's Microsoft's turn. The billion dollar juggernaut' Xbox 360 is popular, but that doesn't mean we love it. If you too have grown tired of broken machines and overpaying for peripherals, here are 25 reasons why abandoning the company is a smart idea.

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Peter North4524d ago (Edited 4524d ago )

I only need 1:

RROD 84.2% Failure Rate.

Ahmad-4524d ago

Another one bites the dust!

PS3PCFTW4524d ago

All my thoughts are now reality.


PLAY BEYOND 54.2 % last gen hardware.

SonySoldiers4524d ago




ShadowCK4523d ago

Terrible Reasons. Number 22 suggests the system's too loud while they fail to inform us that you can download the full game onto your hard drive. Thus making the Xbox 360 quieter.

El Botto4523d ago

Defending the 360 till death.

But at the same time not realizing the massive flaw in the "but, but, but..."

Even dl on harddrive and in the 360s most silent mode, its still a fking JET engine and over 250% louder than the PS3.


go "but, but, but..." on your dog, stinkin xbot.

AngryTypingGuy4523d ago (Edited 4523d ago )

I don't remember seeing the Top 25 Reasons to Ditch Sony on this website. Anyway, here it is

I like #'s 11 and 10:

11. Little to no graphical difference

Sony loves to talk about how powerful PS3 is, but the majority of the games on the console look just as good (sometimes better) on Xbox 360. So don't plunk down the cash thinking the PS3 destroys 360 when it comes to graphics.

10. Xbox 360 has a better controller

Let's face it, Xbox 360 has a more comfortable controller. DualShock 3 is all right, but that design is way past its prime. Besides, we still don't like the weird feeling L2/R2 triggers.

and then there's 8. You rarely get anything for free

On iPhone, companies charge for games and then release free updates with new characters, levels and other cool stuff. With Sony, you'll have to pay for just about everything. At least the publisher plans to give away a copy of Gran Turismo PSP when the PSP go launches.

"Hey Sony, quit treating us like whores"...sound familiar. People seem to think that only MS is a money grubbing corporation, when the truth is, neither is in business because they want to give us free stuff. Both want your money, don't forget that people.

@Botto: No, it's pretty quiet when you install to the HDD. At least mine is.

El Botto4523d ago

is in reality OVER two hundred FIFTY FOUR PERCENT (!!!) louder than the PS3.


And Uncharted 1, a two year old game, is graphically SUPERIOR to anything on the 360. Dont even think about lying on that one.

Everything is superior on the PS3. From graphics to storage to...well basically EVERYTHING. Thats why it "only does everything".


AngryTypingGuy4523d ago

Typing a sentence.


Typing owned so I feel better about myself.


Spewing things out of my mouth that I know aren't true.


I wish PS3 had a good anti aliasing sytem so there weren't so many jaggies.


I think because I type owned in capital letters after everything people will respect my opinion.


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Peter North4524d ago

They should add Too Human somewhere in that list.

Mr Bean Laden4524d ago

there are over 100 reasons, nuff said

BubbleSniper4524d ago (Edited 4524d ago )

i tried putting uncharted in my 360 and out came 8 discs

S M N4524d ago

that's wierd

is yours a jasper? cos mine when i put uncharted it's give me 54.2 dvd's back

Peter North4524d ago

The Cash For Floppers program was just announced.