Playstation Store Update Was Just Maintenance

Awaited by the owners of PlayStation 3 all the evening, the famous update of PlayStation Store European was in fact a maintenance and the shop does not contain anything more than the new trailer card of Gran Turismo HD devoted to Nissan Xanavi Nismo Z. Yes, it is well little, especially when one with the good idea to create an American account to see what there is beautiful on other side of the Atlantic… We await the true new innovations in the days to come!

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Shadow Flare5499d ago

if this is true then this sucks. Royal

Fisher3395499d ago

I think i remember that other topic just saying that the interface was going to be change today. people assumed that we were getting more and more demos.

TriggerHappy5499d ago

millions of ps3 owners to get really mad tonight. The best thing to do is to wait for the official word from sony in regards to when the update will roll in.

CyberSentinel5499d ago (Edited 5499d ago )

"Sony (is like your parents they make mistakes, but have to love them anyways,they have your best interests in mind" -Anego Montoya

Blind European Lemmings, Sony Doesn't Love You Back.

@5: I wish you had more bubbles, so I could take them away from you again.

@3.3: It won't be long before I have your last bubble as well.

@7: Deep(brownoser) thats all you can do lemming, is wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait....etc.

The WaitStation 3. Maybe thats what they meant by Play Beyond.

MikeGdaGod5499d ago

.....tell me your infinite one bubble knowledge

Counter_ACT5499d ago

that joke was fu(king awful, you're an idiot.

SmokeyMcBear5499d ago

baaaaaaa.....baaaaaa the M$ sheep train rolls along. Love your Sony avatar cyber sheep.. i mean sentinel, its ok ... keep farming those sheep around.. you might be able to afford one.. eventually. Go on and ask mommy and daddy for more allowance

XxZxX5499d ago

Blind European Lemmings, Sony Doesn't Love You Back.

@5: I wish you had more bubbles, so I could take them away from you again

HAHAHHA that's a good one sentinel, it's funny. Now let's for Bill Gates reply on the sheep. hahaaaa

Anego Montoya FTMFW5499d ago

I`m seriously beginning to love that you quote me constantly.
thanks for spreading my name.
I`m going to become a urban legend/myth.

kamakazi5499d ago

oh cyber monkey is at it again with his hijinks. silly ol cyber monkey not being fed enough bananas so hes just alittle cranky is all people, dont push him or he just might fling something your way.

tethered5499d ago

I thought Anego Montoya said:
"I am Anego Montoya. You killed my fadder. Prepare to die!"
"I do not mean to pry, but you don't, by any chance, happen to have six fingers on your right hand?"
"You keep using that word. I do not think it means, what you think it means."

Ha great movie!

Anyway, back on topic.
Not sure anything was really official.

EZCheez5499d ago

It just wouldn't be the same without you Cyber. I mean every group has to have that one idiot that everyone laughs at right. Well guess what, you have earned the title. You are the official N4G Idiot. Your comments are more hilarious than MART's. At least you don't cut and paste! You should change your name, really.

By the way, couldn't help but notice you don't even have a 360 tag. Do you not even have a console? Maybe that's why you're so bitter. Tell your parents to go buy you a 360. Better yet, a PS3.

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chitown5499d ago

Blind European Lemmings, Sony Doesn't Love You Back

i ve always wanted to ask what the hell does that mean and why???

Bigmac5735499d ago

Updates are on Thursday, fvckface. Know your stuff before you flame, h0m0.

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