Pirated Video Games being Sold at Convention in Orlando

Examiner writes: While attending Mini-MegaCon, I noticed a booth that disturbed me. It was one I had seen before at FX Show. It is people selling the bootleg video games. I don't know why I take it more personally than the guys selling bootleg tv series and anime. I don't even get pissed when people pirate music or games. But when it comes to the roms and emulators, in a way, it isn't even about them having those things, it is the selling of these stolen goods.

While the Xbox 360 is not listed with these vendors, it is because they know that the older console systems do not seem to be looked into as much as the "next gen" systems we have now.

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Peter North4116d ago

I'm not surprised the pirates are Xbox 360 gamers, after all they are the poorest and smelliest of the gaming group.

xb0x_trashie4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

they are already whores with nasty disease given to them by ms, some are

even becoming smelly pirates too, ms already took all their money so

they cant buy any more of their crappy games

too bad

sunil4116d ago

correction - why insult the entire group... It should only be the fanboys your comments should be directed towards

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xabmol4116d ago

Making money off it is where I draw the line.

FantasyStar4116d ago

word. Making money off piracy is just sleezy and underhanded at that point.

siliticx4115d ago

Piracy is duplicating the original product and possibly (in a very very low % losing a theoriticial sale)

this is where the line needs to be drawn. Tats making money where the original devs should be making it.

TheColbertinator4116d ago

I've seen kiosks like those before.They have them in downtown LA and try to pass of Sega/Nintendo games as their own

Saaking4116d ago

despicable, i hate piracy.

Major_Tom4116d ago

That sucks, you should just get used to it then.

Death4116d ago

Granted distributing stolen goods is the greater offense.

I have a couple friends that are devs and they work very hard. To see their work being pirated and sold is both sad and depressing, especially when people ignorantly justify it. If a game or CD isn't worth buying, it isn't worth stealing.


erik cartman4116d ago

selling pirated games kicks ass

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