7.0 Reviews Command & Conquer 3 for the 360 reviewed C&C 3 for the Xbox 360 today.

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XxZxX4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

This game is more enjoyable in PC because the online is free and doesn't required XBOX LIVE and I can get the games in just $39.99.

BitbyDeath4270d ago

I played a demo of the PC version and wasn't impressed. It's no C&C Generals which is still my favourite RTS

XxZxX4270d ago

Evolution, And?

bitbydeath, yeah Zero hours is a great add-on as well. Give this one a try, it's pretty good.

TheMART4270d ago

@ XxZxX

Dude, you'll find whatever reason not to like the 360, but it's the best gaming console around.

You know what's bad???


Plus: gaming from the couch, wireless controller on a bigass HDTV is more fun then behind the desk with a computermonitor, a keyboard and a mouse... That ain't relaxed gaming.

So you pay a couple of dollars less on the game... So you pay nothing for online, a 360 owner only pays 4 dollar/euro a month, less then 2 beers/drinks, not even the price of a full game per year.

You're just cheap dude. Why don't you get the game illegal, that'll save you some more money! Wait, don't turn on your PS3, it uses double the power of a 360, so you'll pay for electricity what I pay for a premium online service

Oh no XxZxX bad damage control, bad damage control, panic panic!!!

BitbyDeath4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Yeah Zero Hour was awesome, Generals alone seemed unbalanced with the teams. But this new one i don't like the super weapons where one hit of one and it pretty much takes out your whole base.

Where's the strategy in that? I prefer the game to be longer drawn out rather than whoever can build and fire the first super weapon wins

BIadestarX4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

XxZxX, uhh.. how do I put this... This game was released for the Xbox 360 for people that have the 360... get it? That means that if someone buys this game for the 360 it means they want to buy it. Hard to understand? I have a PC, but I will buy this game for the 360 for the following reasons. Voice chat, achivements, game invites, and because I want to play it at the confort of my big HD TV using My Camera to make fun of the losers that will have to face the destructive power of my skills... by the way if any of you losers want to get your @$$ kicked in this game... add me to your friend list if you don't mind losing.... yeah... every game... over... and over...
Gamertag BladestarX.

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snoop_dizzle4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Game informer also did a review.

I am posting both so you can compare them.

Its been approved so look for it if you want.

omansteveo4270d ago

Have you ever posted an article or review of a game and it got approved then it was taken an hour later?

snoop_dizzle4270d ago

i still play that.

Its awesome

I hope they make another one, and that you'll be able to use aircraft carries and stuff in skirmish mode. That was really my only problem with it.

BitbyDeath4270d ago

I still play it occasionally against friends as well. There's some really good mods out there that might fix that aircraft carrier problem

FeralPhoenix4270d ago

The Mart is over-reacting but Iam wondering if XxZxX has played both versions for himself, I have played the demo on my 360 and it was really good, and also its well known that 360 users who want to play online have to pay a subscription fee, its not like this game is going to cost you more to do that, yes PC online is free but its also a different environment than XBL....which is why some are willing to pay the subscription fee so that ALL their games can be enjoyed on XBL.

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