Tom Clancy's EndWar preview with new screens

Last time the Tom Clancy brand moved beyond tactical shooters, players ended up with one of the most popular series in recent years: Splinter Cell. Now Ubisoft is mixing up the wargame formula again with EndWar, by moving from tactical shooters to stealth games to real-time strategy... on consoles.

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TheMART4492d ago

Ahhhh another Ubisoft great game.

They make some good games, and the best thing is: the best versions are on the 360. I feel lucky

Shadow Flare4492d ago

you got so much to say about the ps3?

Get over to this thread now then:

You sure had alot of things to say about this before

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4492d ago

strengths of both systems to make this one a console RTS AAA killer!

snoop_dizzle4492d ago

But anyways I'm really excited about this game.

Dread19814492d ago

i am so currious to know why is it that you "hate" the ps3 (sony) that much.. i realy cant se were this is comming from..

its great news that this game is comming to both, its sound like a good game... :-))

snoop_dizzle4492d ago

because he was molested by a Sony executive when he was a child.

So now he has a total hate for sony.

Sad really, I feel bad for you theMart.

frostbite064492d ago

Thats actually a really good reason to hate a corporation.

TnS4492d ago

The colors of this game reminds me to World in Conflict.
Last screens here:

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The story is too old to be commented.