IGN: Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny Review

IGN writes: "Although Broken Destiny is nothing more than a portable version of Soulcalibur IV (with Kratos along for the ride), the game is visually stunning and the size of the roster is admirable. What's most impressive about Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny is how well it preserves its console counterpart's formula while making very few sacrifices along the way.

Although it's hard for me to strongly recommend this game if you already own Soulcalibur IV, it's safe to say that this is one of the most beautiful, complex fighting games on the PSP and should please Soulcalibur fans. The developers should be praised for making the game work so well on the PSP, even though we've seen most of it before".

Briyen5436d ago (Edited 5436d ago )

just for kratos... hmmmmm

Edit: i'm getting dissida for sure though!! woo fighting games for psp

Freakwave0035436d ago

Whoa, Christopher Walken. I was watching Wayne's World 2 yesterday.

Christopher_Walken5436d ago

Kratos is my type of guy. He knows how to get things done. Plain. Simple. The Walken Way.

Midgard2285436d ago

dont forget fate/stay night is comin out next week for download on psp too lol. im playin dissidia right now its awesome.

Blaze9295436d ago

What in the world was the point on Sony adding Infrastructure mode on the PSP if no one will freaking support it!? I was hoping this game couldve been taken online directly from the PSP.

Ah well still might pick this up...might. All my enjoyment from Soul Calibur IV came from playing it online.

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Cajun Chicken5436d ago

This will be in my PSP game collection, just not yet. Top priority this year is Ratchet ACiT, Uncharted 2 and Serious Sam: HD.

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LightofDarkness5436d ago

This review is stupid. It judges the game within constant contrast to it's console counterpart. This game, any game, should be reviewed with respect to it's contemporaries. In essence, there is NO finer fighter on the PSP than this or Tekken 5. Comparing it to console versions of the same game is ridiculous, the PSP has a fraction of their power and should never be expected to compete in the same areas.

The point is, you have to compare it to games on the same platform in the same genre and judge it's place among them. Not among games on platforms capable of much more.


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TrendyGamers4051d ago

I'd prefer BlazBlue, but I'd be happy with either.

knifefight4051d ago

Blazblue is such an underrated series. Great 2D fighting right there.

Kevin ButIer4051d ago

Lol that image is so next gen

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4051d ago

Isn't blazblue already in the insant collection. I already have it in my purchase list and I know I didn't buy it. God Eater Burst will be the next title. Which is also an awesome game. One of my fav. PSP games actually.

Donnieboi4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

BlazBlue is already free on ps plus right now sir. I have it.

Also: What ever happened to us getting Saints Row The Third this month?

TrendyGamers4051d ago

It'll show up either this Tuesday or next.

Interface234051d ago

BlazBlue is already in the IGC

RiPPn4051d ago

Was just about to post this, and aren't we supposed to be getting Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward?

Donnieboi4051d ago

Next week for Zero escape

Campy da Camper4051d ago

Lol most of PlayStation owners are gonna be deep into the last of us. Got tom off work geting it at 10am Woot!