FIFA and Madden Earning Great Acclaim

Peter Moore: "I'm back from an excellent trip to GamesCom. Having shifted this year to Cologne, the organizers of this year's event and participating publishers and hardware manufacturers should be applauded for presenting such a compelling showcase for our medium. The combination of great games, big announcements and flawless logistics, complemented by a perfect August window, made for an event that certainly rivals E3 now as the most important milestone on the game industry calendar ... just ask any of the nearly 250,000 people who were in attendance (yes, this was a consumer event after trade-only on day one)."

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TheDarkCynic5443d ago

This should surprise no one. Peter Moore is the man.

Ziriux5443d ago

I got sad the day that man left MS, because he made E3 fun with his fake a tatoo's and now he makes EA a bit goofy.

A HiFi5443d ago

I was sad too actually, lol. He was, and still is, a character.

Elven65443d ago

I'm a bit underwhelmed, surely a juggernaut like Madden could have topped this earlier?

Peter Moore was the man, shame Sega of Japan made him look like "the bad guy" before he left for Microsoft.

Reibooi5443d ago

MS lost something when Peter Moore left them.

Anyway I have to agree that I'm a bit surprised that this number wasn't reached alot sooner considering the popularity of the games. They are not my cup of tea at all but I know alot of people like em so it makes me wonder.

Ziriux5443d ago

Oh boy, SEGA only made them selves look bad no one else did.

Yea, Madden has always been big, it's just that this time more peeps signed on at the same time.

Bnet3435443d ago

I agree, Peter Moore was a colorful character. He wasn't your typical PR guy. You can tell he loved his job. On topic, congrats to Madden.

nbsmatambo5443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )

woooooaaa omg amazing!! is really how i feel about this...

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mau645443d ago

<sarcastic>congratulatio n Madden on breaking new grounds</sarcastic>

A HiFi5443d ago

I'm surprised they hadn't done this before...but I guess sports games aren't usually the ones you rush out to buy a la Halo, MGS etc.

Ziriux5443d ago

A ton of people love Madden and FIFA games, if everyone could afford a next gen console you'd see the two games have more peeps online than Halo or CoD.

PshycoNinja5443d ago

It was bound to happen. I mean after all it is EA Sports most played franchise.

Hercules5443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )

but the 3rd top EA franchise and 7th all-time franchise in gaming...its sad im waiting on my ps3 to get repaired..game is awesome...and the devs are communicating with the users (like other devs are now) and its a great way to make games EVEN better...

is this new s for 100k XBL users are XBL and PSN? because i see "Sony" in the article..if that is the case why is it only in the 360 section? not a fanboy, but just asking....

A HiFi5443d ago

Peter didn't specify, sorry.

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THR1LLHOUSE4596d ago

Aw, a very nice little story.

NagaSotuva4596d ago

I was in love with the story until Madden came up.

lorianguy4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

Unlike at Christmas time, leaving a coffee stain on the case of a borowwed game causes large amounts of abuse from my friends.

Careful where you put your coffee!

But that was a very nice story, it seems you have made Jake a very happy boy :)


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