Dead Rising Gameplay Footage

GameInformer has capture some gameplay footage from Dead Rising. Dead Rising is looking great. A wide open mall filled with a staggering amount of potential weapons, the constant juggling of intriguing tasks, and the endless search for that perfect photo looks to be a whole lot of fun. Check out these new movies.

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TheMART6170d ago

whow that looks like a lot of fun! Ha want to see a downloadable demo now

Mr Murda6170d ago

This game just looks like a lot of fun. I like games with some humor and laid back action. The best is when he puts the "Winnie the Poo" mask on the zombie and then takes a picture. Priceless!

Marriot VP6170d ago

just awesome, GTA with zombies.

Bill Gates I Am6170d ago

Always protect the camera when landing. HAHAHA!!

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