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Odion writes: While I tinker away at preview content for a game that cannot be named, and my mega Top 8 list which fingers crossed, will finally get finished this week I was asked by our fearless leader to review Shadow Complex, which of course I was happy to do. Shadow Complex was THE game that made me actually go and buy Microsoft points for the first time since about 2007. Of course I bought the points before I won a key from the ever generous Geoff Keighley and I ended up buying Marvel Vs Capcom 2 instead. However the fact that I took a bus down to my local EB Games and bought points with the clear purpose of buying Shadow Complex was a big deal. Now after about 8 hours of playing it, I can say it would have easily been worth its price tag.

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Blaster_Master4045d ago

A 10 out of 10? Really? <shakes his head>

Major_Tom4045d ago

It's Odion, I expect nothing less :P.

The Meerkat4045d ago

10 is a bit high.

Its a solid 8, I hope they make a sequel.

Trials HD is better.

Mr_Bun4045d ago

Anyone else notice that the voice of the main character is the same as Nathan Drake from Uncharted?

PrimordialSoupBase4045d ago

It's a solid game, if a little overrated.

4045d ago
Eiffel4045d ago

Um...maybe because it's the same voice actor.

Poopface the 2nd4045d ago

If you grade games on a 10/10 scale then it just need to be a 95% to get a 10. this game deserves a 9.5 from some people for an original DL game that was only 15$. Seeing as none of you seem to have actually played it, id recommend that someone try it before taking you people seriously.

Mr_Bun4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago ) sh*t

My point was in reference to a high profile PS3 exclusive having the same voice actor for a high profile 360 exclusive. Thanks for your intelligent input though/s

Eiffel4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Well next time don't present an acknowledgment like you don't know. And there's no reason to reply like a punk. We're all human here.

Could have worded your reference a bit better.

Mr_Bun4045d ago

Don't come at me like you are provoked me with your juvenile remark. If you want to be treated with respect, I suggest you respond in a more mature manner.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4045d ago

This game just may break the arcade/retail barrier and go GOTY. In most cases the poeple who scream "overrated" or don't like the high scores are usualy the people who can's get it. Well... here on N4G anyway :)

Eiffel4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

I don't recall "Um.." being as juvenile as resorting to profanity in the matter you did. Honestly If we're gonna point fingers at least let it fall upon ourselves that we're both at fault of being juvenile. If anything.

FamilyGuy4045d ago

Yeah, obviously the price for what you get is added into an overall score, that's why some games (retail games) are labeled as "a rent". Price is always factored no matter what is written and the only reason to argue against them giving this game a ten would be if, like The Meerkat above, you feel another game at the same price range was better and that game got a lower score.

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LostDjinn4045d ago

Now you're just posting these to mess with me Cat.
One day I'll have my revenge.
*shakes fist*

peeps4045d ago

i was looking frwd to this game but just couldn't get into the demo. seems plenty of ppl are enjoying it though

shutupandplay4045d ago

I love the lack of ps3 fans here. They can`t say "no AAA games for 09". All they got now is 54.2% which is inaccurate.

El Botto4045d ago

A 15 bucks game where "you and your girlfriend have a picnic, you go to grab some food, when you come back, you witness your girlfriend being kidnapped by some military dudes in a complex nearby"

Classic C trash movie.

Classic crap game.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4045d ago

El Botto, grab some food? Put a helmet on before you kill yourself.

Blaster_Master4045d ago

But yeah, I played the game via glitch, and honestly I didnt even play all the way through cause it got really boring. But whatever, I dont take what anyone says about a game seriously until I play it myself. Ive learned that people in the gaming media have a totally different taste in games. I think you have to be a virgin and a total douche bag to qualify to be a gaming journalist?

ZeroTolerance4045d ago

You nailed that assessment right on the head. Now back to my douchebaggery.

LostDjinn4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Zero I have to give credit to that reply.
@Blaster. Just don't take it too seriously. People are people and people are prone to doing things that don't necessarily make sense. Imagine how perfect the world would be if you got rid of all the people in it. ;)

The Wombat4045d ago

Actually, we waive the virginity requirement if you have enough relevant work experience. We do prefer at least a minor in Douchebaggery however, although a solid Douchebag internship would probably suffice.

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