DiRT 2 demo: PS3/Xbox 360 performance showdown

Digital Foundry writes:

"We've already taken a look at the underlying tech in DiRT 2 based on the initial b-roll Codemasters supplied to Eurogamer TV, but last week's release of the playable demo was the first hands-on experience we've had with the console versions of the new McRae game.

Powered by Codemasters' own EGO engine (in itself, an off-shoot of the multi-platform Phyre tech being championed in dev circles by Sony), DiRT 2 appears to be using essentially the same technological underpinnings as last year's Race Driver: GRID."

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Raider694411d ago (Edited 4411d ago )

Don't seen quite so lol! the only time the framerate went up from 30fps to 32fps was on the PS3!So its better to wait for the retail version for more details.

ps12&3lover4411d ago

how did 3fix me win..i would like to know..oh i forgot your a fan girl and you like your rrod out 1

360 man4411d ago

@ deadly brand wen watching, please use your eyes

ps3 clearly cant hande the hectic scenes and it is in 2x AA while 360 is in 4x AA

360 also has more detail

N4PS3G4411d ago

"Xbox 360 using top-end 4x multisampling anti-aliasing to give a very clean presentation, while the PS3 drops down to 2x"

"PS3 game once again demonstrating a tangibly larger amount of torn frames" "on xbox 360 but it clearly happens far less often "

"so much of the tearing on the PS3 version"

Quite an easy win ..but don't get angry..i'm quoting disagree with them ;)

Game13a13y4411d ago

if u think that proves that the 360 is more powerful, you couldn't be any more wrong.
1 word: Uncharted
a game released a year ago but nothing on the 360 can top it off so far, ok fanboys?

thor4411d ago

The MAIN REASON the 360 usually "wins" is that you start off with a "standard" engine running on a graphics card, and then you optimise the PS3 version until it's on-par with the 360 version. Of course, they only bother so long as it's MOSTLY indistinguishable.

This is a point I want to drive into the heads of BOTH types of fanboy. The engine is running all the graphics on the graphics card, and the PS3 graphics card isn't as powerful as the 360's. No matter - the Cell is a LOT more powerful. But they don't bother optimising it so it looks better - waste of resources. They make them look EQUAL. They try their BEST to make them look equal. As soon as it looks "good enough", they stop optimising it. So most people can't really tell the difference, because they've TRIED to make them look identical. When you analyse it closely, however, the 360 version wins, because the PS3 version was always playing catch-up until it ALMOST caught up and they stopped bothering.

Everybody must admit that multiplatform games are now all pretty much equal. You'll get more differences by buying a better TV.

HolyOrangeCows4411d ago

There's almost no difference between the two.

But whatever you've got to tell yourself to be happy with your purchase of the brokebox360.

360 man4411d ago (Edited 4411d ago )

and how do u know there not using the cell to help the rsx cope with the graphical capabilities.

you dont know so stop pulling words out of your A55

thor4411d ago

@360 man

That's what I AM saying. Read what I said.

I said the PS3 version is always playing catch-up, remember a couple of years ago when devs didn't bother on the PS3? THAT is a difference, but now, they TRY to make them look equal. They use the Cell to help out the RSX, but they only bother to go as far as making them look equal. And to the naked eye, they pretty much DO look equal. I'd be happy that they looked equal if I were developing the game.

Major_Tom4411d ago

You constantly, and I mean constantly b*tch and moan about PS3 fanboys and yet you are presenting yourself as an ass.

It really does boggle the mind.

Ju4411d ago

Why did I know the out come before I even clicked the link. Oh, right I would like them to spend the same 80% of their picking on the PS3 version for once to point out the flaws of the 360 version. I have never ever read any in detail analysis of the 360 version from them. They pick up a PS3 flaw and pick on that one for usually 3/4 of their report...

Other then that, if you really believe the PS3 is the inferior version, just go download the demo and enjoy. Its an awesome game - regardless of platform.

Tarasque4411d ago

Of course they are going to pick at the most flawed version. But on to the article at hand. I mean it is obvious the 360 version is a little better the PS3 still gives that slight washed out look it has in all games. But both games look good.

LONEWOLF2314411d ago (Edited 4411d ago )


dude this is not a showdown between Uncharted 2 vs Dirt 2(Ps3) VS Dirt 2(360) BUT Dirt 2 (Ps3) vs Dirt 2 (360).............seriously dude you guys sound like a broken record fine we all now Uncharted 2 looks awesome BUT so does Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell: Conviction and the recently shown Kingdom Under Fire 2 all which by the way are 360 exclusives and rival the graphics shown in Uncharted 2.

Guido4411d ago

You gotta give them something since their exclusives look like butt compared to the PS3 exclusives. Lazy devs take the easy road and reap the money from it. You cannot argue with my logic because the PS3 exclusives blow any argument out of the water.

PS3PCFTW4411d ago (Edited 4411d ago )

must be those RED RINGS IN HIS EYES

360 fans this gen:

"LOOK!!! at this multiplat, we have 1 more pixel than the ps3 owners!!!!YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! ".......but when a ps3 exclusive comes out, u xfans are nowhere to be found.

"Who the hell needs brulay? my dvds are perfect on my big screen!!!!"......u cant tell the difference between a bluray movie and a dvd, but u can find a missing pixel in a multiplat game


do u guys realize how retarded you sound. Its pretty pathetic now.....alas, whatever floats your boat and helps u sleep at night.


pppppeach4411d ago

Clearly the Xbox 360 version won. The ps3 is only good for movies and ps2 games. The graphics on ps3 look last gen :-(

DaTruth4411d ago (Edited 4411d ago )

They said the same about the Batman AA demos, but we all know how the final version turned out(PS3 better). It's not at all surprising that the game system designed to run highly compressed data, out does the game system that is designed to stream uncompressed data, while running highly compressed, designed for downloading demos. 360 probably should have done better! The cutscenes on the Arkham Asylum demo were disgusting and full of macroblocks; They were ridiculously compressed.

On Bluray, it will be a different story!

Notice, no Eurogamer comparison of the Arkham Asylum finished product! I thought so!

jack_burt0n4411d ago

The eurogamer comparisons as a whole are total crap they don't actually play the game, Bionic Commando was a total mess on 360 the screentearing was constant as bad as the ps3 issues on GB same with Red Faction same with RE5 seriously eurogamer is biased on how they relay the information.

Watch lengthy clips of both games running or play both versions cos the conclusions are TOTAL ASS come to your own conclusions!

And whats the point in a comparison vid where one screen crashes the car and the other doesn't lol its supposed to be identical.

DaTruth4411d ago (Edited 4411d ago )

In fact, why don't we bring up the last dirt comparison? The one where they said the 360 version looks better in the crash, but it was actually the PS3 version! Not to mention they were completely different crashes.

@Jack: Ya, the 360 has better framerates and less screentearing when the car is driving straight and the PS3 version is crashing and debris is flying everywhere; Who'd have thunk?

Edit: Now that Jack and I have debunked this with simple logic, all 360 trolling in this response thread will end after our comments. Because they have no response to this!

P.S. Big trouble in little China, still one of my all-time favourite movies!

Ju4411d ago (Edited 4411d ago )

@Tarasque The whole affair is such a minor thing it might justify a line of comment, or maybe two. But not 80% justifying why they felt that way. OTHO, not a single flaw is pointed out on the 360. Not even worth a whole sentence, I suppose.

And I do not agree its a minor upgrade to the Grid engine. The game as a whole runs much better then GRID. You can actually knock over bushes and drive pretty far off the track, almost making it open world (of some sort). The only trouble I have with Codemasters racers is, that I just can't get my wheel adjusted properly to get a natural feel (but that's maybe just because I don't have a $200 wheel).

talltony4411d ago (Edited 4411d ago )

Forza 3 720p 60 fps less cars on track
GT5 1080p 60 fps more cars on track

Get the picture yet?

anyways I played both demos on each system and You wont tell the difference, these comparisons are overrated!

Raider694410d ago

how canyou tell the 360 haves more detail than the PS3 from this video?If you dont know +AA just gives the picture a cleaner image,removing some jaggies from the image.+AA has nothing with detail.Detail is made by texture mapping,bump mapping, shadow mapping ...nothing to do with + AA (anti-aliasing).

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Major_Tom4411d ago

Reading comprehension or lack thereof is sure becoming an epidemic.

Kurt Russell4411d ago

If that was true, GSK would have made an ointment for it by now.

Narutone664411d ago (Edited 4411d ago )

that Sony is going to publish this game in PAL Region. Maybe Sony is going to help optimize this game to run better on the PS3.

hay4411d ago

The screen tearing wasn't noticeable by me, I hereby announce that in my opinion there's no difference between those to for ordinary gamer.

mastiffchild4411d ago

That's the whole point for me. Unless there's a difference that you'd notice when playing yourself and one console's version suffers, to the maked eye, appreciably I fail to see much worth in these articles whatsoever.

In extreme cases like Ghostbusters I think it's OK but to nit pick any slight discrepancy when the aim is for equality (so not strange that the slightest of edges would sometimes go to the most familiar console to develop for-and the dev kits for PC and 360 are very similar, I've been told anyway, and devs are very comfy with them)which is by and large achieved beyong the telling of most gamers seems a bit pointless.

I can't even tell some of the things they pointed out are there! Much also differs from set up to set up too so what might be very easy to pick up on one TV might be close to impossible to find on another. Unless there's a real issue that damages our enjoyment of a game on a given platform just lets leave this rubbish out shall we?

DaTruth4411d ago (Edited 4411d ago )

In the GTA4 comparison, Eurogamer didn't seem so concerned about the 360 screen tearing, but were making excuses like; "Oh teh frames are torn outside of teh frame." Or some nonsense. Then they exploited the GTA4 PS3 online issues that were stuttering the single player through the GTA cell phone, that produced a slower framerate, but was just the online stalling the game.(Some of my friends couldn't even play unless they turned off their PSN)

Eurogamer is a fanboy site, and everyone knows it!

poopface14411d ago

you mean theres no difference to you unless the almighty PS3 has the better version. If the 360 version was inferior wed never hear the end of it, but we all know how 95% of the multiplatform games preform better on 360 in some way. Tell us the age old excuses that developers are lazy and completely ignore the fact that sony made their system hard to develop for. If they had put in a regular processor and used the extra money for a better GPU, the ps3 would be destroying the 360, but its not, and sony are the only ones to blame.

PStu'rd4411d ago

The embarrassment is evident when you remember that the engine was codeveloped by sony LOLZ

Awsome demo!! Beats the sh1t out bumpercar sim3 remake no3 both graphic wise and physics wise (no competition there really lol).

Day 1 along with F3! Heaven generation for driving fans total:)

54percent4411d ago

lol eurolamer fails again, they are exposed by their own "frame counter", they put the numbers of the frame quantity on the top right and they put the PS3 version to drop frames and the 360 version steady, but to a medium trained eye if you check the 360 frame bar even if the "magic number" keeps steady the frame bar drops and the v-sync bar drops too and forces the engine. Nice try eurolamer cheat your own numbers to give hopes to my loyal bots

leeger4411d ago

as long as the difference is not one generation behind and still very playable on both version, and will not notice the difference unless zoom in 2x or take a really good look at it, then I'm okay with that. PS3 exclusives looks better than multiplat games anyway.

raztad4411d ago

One generation behind is the DVD and xbox fans are proud of it.

Multiplats on the PS3 are tricky business. Developers just want to make a good enough version, it's understandable cause PS3 arch is way harder to develop for.