Activision Announces Spiderman: Friend or Foe

Activision just launched the officiel website for a new game based off the Spiderman franchise, called "Spiderman: Friend or Foe". No further information about the platforms concerned or the genre of the game, but the screens grabbed on the website may hint that the game is planned to be released on X360 and PS3. More details in the days to come.

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lil bush4182d ago

sounds iteresting...........

Tommie4182d ago

I've seen enough Spiderman + Marvel crap lately, time for some new IP!

FCOLitsjustagame4182d ago

Maybe they will actually make a good Spiderman story line.
Hey maybe they could use one of those stories from one of those comic books that have been so hugely successful for decades. Maybe throw some decent graphics and gameplay mechanics.

I have little hope for any comic games from the BIG publishers. They all seem so ....plastic and holiwood. I hope Starbreeze and TopCow show them how to do it right, just like Starbreeze showed how to make a great movie game. Probably no one will listen and we will just get more hollywood like plastic comic games.

PS360WII4182d ago

What can you do. Least we know it'll be better than Spiderman 3.

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