LG PC Blu-ray/HD-DVD Combo Drive Preview

Recently, LG Electronics began shipping the Super Blu Player, a consumer Blu-ray player that can also play back HD-DVD movies, though some advanced HD-DVD interactive features are missing. Now the company is readying a PC drive that can burn Blu-ray, DVD, and CD discs. It also serves as an HD-DVD ROM drive and, with the right software, can play back HD-DVD movies.

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ITR4487d ago

I guess I'll be waiting for the second gen ver of this drive to ship. (est 2008?)

HD-DVD needs better support and BR is only ok.

At least you can play both formats.

calderra4487d ago

By 2008 decent combo players will make the whole format war obsolete anyway. Personally I'm just skipping this one in case (format X) comes along soon. As in Winter 2008 potentially.

ITR4487d ago

Yeah those HD formats that can store 300GB to over 1Terabyte coming in 5 yrs or less.

Kinda scary.

I wouldn't mind a combo format.

LoydX-mas4487d ago

Calderra is right. I think before the fanboys can recover from the wiplash, combo players will have arrived and made this war essentially over.
--People will just need to get used to having 2 dozen logos on the front of their players:(Blu-ray,HD-DVD,DVD +,- ,wr-,wr+,cd,8-track,....)

ITR4487d ago

Hey I can deal with that.
I get the best of both worlds.

Saint Sony4487d ago

Eventually one of the formats wins. It does not look very good that there is no HD-DVD burning option. So points in this combo goes to blu-ray. Which I think will win. What I find a bit odd though is that Blu-ray "should be" more advanced format, but the movies I've seen in blu-ray looks horrible compared to some HD-DVD movies. On the other hand, some looks as good as HD-DVD.

kewlkat0074485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

starts to put out combo drives, would this war really matter?

I mean both SONY and TOSHIBA would get their royalties, and shut up. Then MS would pull the best trick out of the hat, a Dual Format Internal drive for the Super Elite console..Ha