Six New XBLA Titles Coming

In the recent press release Confirming Double Dragon's release, they also revealed six more titles that will be coming later this year. This does not mean they will be the next six however GamingTalkHQ thinks quite of few will show up within the next month.

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Lygre4484d ago

Both of them games are coming in the same package! Yey! I love Reversi and Chess is pretty fun as well =) And they will have support for the Vision cam.


“Spyglass Board Games.” From Strange Flavour Ltd. and Freeverse, this offers classic versions of the world’s most beloved board games, including chess, checkers, mancala and reversi, as well as the ability to enjoy video chat with friends via the Xbox LIVE Vision camera.

PS360WII4484d ago

so they are announcing they will be releasing games in arcade. Not really this wed but sometime this year... awesome...

G_CodeMonkey4484d ago

I cannot wait to play chess online (and the others).. My wife will love the card games.. GREAT job, M$ --- they need to advertise that loud and proud to get the non-hardcore gamers interested. The chance to jump into a friendly game of these favorites will be great. Me, I'll play after Gears. Now just bring on Risk and Axis&Allies!! gCM